Keep up the good work, NFL, not

The following things really ticked me off in the NFL this weekend:

1) Missing the first quarter of the Texans game because of overtimes. I understand the excitement of overtimes. I would generally care to watch them if they weren’t interrupting a more important game to me. This is Texas; we like the Cowboys or the Texans. Therefore, in San Antonio, I expect the Texans game to be broadcasted from start to finish. Instead, I was forced to watch the Chiefs and Saints overtime and the Dolphins and Jets overtime. None of those teams are in Texas so next time show me the Texas teams please.

2) Players that make illegal hits. Players seemed to forget this past weekend that helmet-to-helmet hits are illegal. They are not only extremely dangerous but also very unnecessary. If you are in the NFL, I assume you know how to make a proper tackle, block, etc. then do it the right way you idiot. The Steelers safety Ryan Mundy caused Raiders wide receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey to be carted off the field with neck injuries and a possible concussion.  Bronco’s linebacker Joe Mays caused Texans quarterback Matt Schaub to leave a piece of his ear on the field after his helmet was knocked off due to the hit.

3) The refs costing the Packers the game. There is not much more that can be said about this topic than has already been said. The refs caused the game for the Packers because it was obviously an interception and not a touchdown by the Seahawks.

4) The way people reacted about the refs.  Yeah ,the game was lost but imagine how bad those refs must feel, they are average people who got thrown into something that was way out of their league. They were bound to make mistakes, so chill the heck out, people.

5) Roger Goodell making excuses for the refs. Goodell is using the excuse that the usual refs have made many mistakes over the years, too. That is true, but he also said the presence of the replacement refs didn’t increase the chance of possible errors, and that obviously isn’t true.

6) The cowboys won.

Despite all that, the following things made me happy in the NFL this weekend:

1) The Texans are ranked No. 1. We’ve won all three games for the first time ever. If we can keep this momentum going without any key players getting seriously injured, we are going all the way.

2) There were 10 games that were settled by 10 or less points, including 3 overtime games. This set the stage for some very exciting games. It’s also a good indication that the season ahead is going to be a very competitive one.

3) The memes that were created after the horrible call by the replacement refs.  My top favorites being”¦ “After further review, the runner did not touch second base. Touchdown Celtics.”, “Intertouchdownception,” and “Replied to Foot Locker, hired by NFL.” They obviously don’t have the same humor impact unless seen.

4) The lockout is over. Hopefully games will be fair once again and people will stop complaining.

5) The world got to see what Division III athletics have to deal with. Our refs don’t make the best calls. It seems our refs must not have the same training as refs at a higher level of football.

As you can tell, this week was a rough one, and not only because of the replacement refs. However, this week should return to normal after the lockout is over. Therefore, hopefully this next week will not contain so many mistakes from the NFL, its players and its refs.