My top five sports movies

I have an obsession with sports movies. Any movie that features any kind of sport, I’ve watched. I’m particularly partial to the more inspirational movies, but then again, what sports movies aren’t inspirational? So, to follow up my obsession, here are my top five sport movies in no particular order.

(Quick disclaimer, I hate “Rudy” and “Friday Night Lights,” so I am not putting them on this list. Complain all you want.)

1) “D2: The Mighty Ducks” The series as a whole includes some quality movies. However, the second one really does it for me. There’s the feel of international play with a mixture of old-school and new-school hockey. Coach Bombay has a really attractive love interest, and he plays against the coach that ended his career.  You can’t get more dramatic plot lines that mix heart and humor. Not to mention, this movie was a serious part of my childhood.

2) “Remember the Titans” By far my all-time favorite sports movie. I have watched this movie at least 50 times. Denzel Washington has a superb performance in this movie. This movie, about the definition of an underdog team, makes you want to root for the Titans, no matter who you are. It showed that sports can bring people from any background together.

3) “Glory Road” It’s set in Texas so it’s already an awesome movie. The basketball team represented in this movie broke records as the first university to start African-American athletes in a NCAA basketball game. The groundbreaking movement highlighted in this movie should be reason enough to watch it. The intense racial struggles portrayed in the movie expose the negative treatment received by these players.

4) “Coach Carter”  My favorite quote comes from this movie: “My deepest fear…””” you know what I’m talking about.  This movie reflects the struggles students must go through in lower-income neighborhoods. I particularly enjoy the idea that sports can shape your life in ways that many cannot imagine. And of course Samuel L. Jackson, does a great job playing the coach.

5) “Angels in the Outfield” Another childhood movie that you have probably seen a million times, this was the first movie out of the other angels movie in the same series. It’s yet another heart-warming  movie in which orphans get adopted in the end, and everybody loves a happy ending.
Now you should probably go watch these movies. I just gave you something to do on the weekend. You’re welcome.