Two students win Coates Library’s gnome naming contest with “Sherlock Gnomes”

After a weeklong contest and over 45 submissions, Trinity students now have a name by which to call the library’s new study gnome: Sherlock Gnomes.

“We took every single contribution from students,” said Jason Hardin, manager of access service in Coates Library. “We put them all on a ballot and sent a google form to the entire library staff.”

The result was the selection of “Sherlock Gnomes,” which was submitted independently by sophomores Corey Fisher and Julia Nguyen.

“I was trying to think of puns for the word gnome, since Gnome Chomsky was such a great name,” Nguyen said. “I was also watching an episode of “˜Elementary’ (the contemporary, American version of “˜Sherlock Holmes’) and whenever they kept saying “˜Holmes,’ I thought, “˜Holmes … Gnomes … Sherlock Gnomes’ I guess it just came to me.”

Fisher used the name of the previous gnome, Gnome Chomsky, as inspiration for his idea as well as a few out-of-the-box methods.

“The old gnome was named Chomsky, after Noam Chomsky. So I decided that the obvious answer was terrible, terrible gnome puns,” Fisher said. “I submitted a few different ones, and also crowdsourced some ideas from an IRC channel I frequent; I can’t recall if it was one of the ones suggested to me or if I came up with that particular one myself.”

Molly Pylant, library assistant, collected the submissions and sent the form out to the library staff.

“We received quite a bit of submissions, more than I expected, actually,” Pylant said. “There were over 45; I was shocked. There were some cute names in there, too.”

Other submissions included Gnomeo, Jerome the Gnome and Gnomer Simpson; however, Sherlock Gnomes won out.

“I was particularly fond of Gnomer Simpson, but I think [Sherlock Gnomes] is appropriate because Sherlock Holmes was a brilliant investigator and that’s what libraries are all about,” Hardin said.

Nguyen also believes that the name is perfectly suited to the library.

“Since the character originally came from novels, I think that Sherlock Gnomes is a very fitting name for a gnome that calls the library his home,” Nguyen said.

Both Fisher and Nguyen’s names will appear in the library catalog under the entry for Sherlock Gnomes as authors.

“It’s slightly amusing, really. It’s not a big accomplishment, but it’s funny to have “˜I named a gnome’ on a permanent record,” Fisher said.

There is a chance that a “˜Dr. Watson’ could join Sherlock Gnomes, but the possibility is small according to Hardin.

“Traditionally Sherlock Holmes always worked with a partner,” Hardin said. “It’s just a thought that’s out there.”

Sherlock Gnomes can be checked out at the library’s Circulation Desk as a study partner and good luck charm.