Trinity celebrates diversity at International Banquet


Photo by Anh-Viet Dinh.

On Thursday, March 27, Trinity students gathered to celebrate the international students of Trinity University.

The International Club held their annual banquet and culture fair, where students were given the chance to try foreign cuisine and mingle with each other.

First year Todd Edwards thinks the banquet is a great idea. One of the reasons he attended Trinity is the diversity that it brings to campus.

“I think it’s a brilliant idea. When international students are extremely prevalent at a school, it only makes sense to give them a way to showcase their culture,” Edwards said. “The banquet gives people a chance to understand just how many international students are of this school and what we add to campus. It also allows many people to get a glimpse at other cultures and understand the fact that being an international student comes with a bit of a culture shock and difference.”

The banquet was open to the entire campus.  A variety of students, faculty and staff were present. Trinity President Dennis Ahlburg and Penelope Harley said in the opening speech that the banquet continues to improve each year.

Junior Tam Ngo enjoyed the event and thought it was a great environment.

“It was great to have the opportunity for us to show off all of these different cultures to the Trinity community. I really liked all of the awesome performances,” Ngo said.

The International Club had great expectations for the event. One representative, Suphada Lertphinyowong, spoke very highly of the for the event.

“It was a great experience for everyone and a time for us to grow closer as a campus. When cultures are thrown together, it is imperative we try to understand each other,” Lertphinyowong said.