CLT drone captures expansive view of campus

Imagine being able to get a bird’s eye view of the world. Now imagine getting that view on camera and being able to use it for video. The AT&T Center for Learning and Technology (CLT) has a new piece of technology that can do just that.

The drone is controlled remotely and is primarily used for video purposes. It is special because it can get overhead shots of campus and other locations that could not be accessed with a normal camera or even a crane.

It has been used by the CLT staff, but it is also available for students and faculty to rent and use themselves for school projects, which many have already done.

Another faculty member at Trinity University who has had some experience with the drone is Mark Lewis, professor of computer science.

“The technology is currently in its early stages and we are just getting used to it, but we hope for much more in the future. Right now it is wonderful for video and image taking, but that is definitely not where the potential ends for this device,” Lewis said.

Some people believe that the drone raises privacy issues because it gets such an expansive view of campus and could unknowingly film them. Rob Chapman, director of CLT, addresses these concerns.

“We take every action we can to guarantee privacy,” Chapman said. “We understand some of the concerns, but at the same time we are only filming things that are in the public sphere. We’re not going to windows or people’s rooms or anything like that. We believe if you are in public and happen to be filmed by the camera that is no invasion of privacy, and we are not intentionally filming specific people without their knowledge.”