Mabee good, Mabee not: Foods to seek and avoid


With all the changes encountered in college, it can be hard to miss home, but something students are sure to miss at one point or another is home cooking. Contrary to popular belief, Trinity’s dining hall food is not that bad, but there are definitely some options at Mabee Dining Hall that are better than others. Here are a few do’s and don’ts for trying to figure out what to eat off of Mabee’s menu.


Breakfast: The breakfast at Mabee is worth waking up early for, even with those 8:30 classes. There are different flavors of pancakes every day, a build-your-own-omelet station, breakfast tacos with plenty of topping options, waffles, muffins, bagels and cereals to choose from. The most important meal of the day is always great at Mabee.

Pizza: This is served at lunch and dinner every day. There is usually a good variety of toppings. The pizza is located right next to the breadsticks, so grab a few dozen of those while you are over there, too.

Pasta line: The longest line in Mabee is always the pasta line, probably because it is one of the best options the dining hall has to offer. There is a variety of pastas, meats, toppings and sauces from which to choose.

Sandwich line: Another good option, especially for a snack or between meals. There are pre-made sandwiches and wraps that are somewhat healthy, as well as a build-your-own-sandwich option.

Cookies: Chocolate chip cookies are a classic and are loved by almost everyone. It is safe to enjoy a cookie””or seven””with each meal at Mabee. It is also impossible to eat only one, so just tell yourself that you will burn them off going up and down Cardiac Hill on your way to class.


Items that attempt to merge cuisines of multiple cultures: Sometimes Mabee tries a little too hard and comes up with things like “sweet and sour chicken-spaghetti-tacos served with Buffalo sauce and Spanish rice.” On these nights, it is best to opt for a simple burger or slice of pizza.

Ice cream: The ice cream at Mabee is not so much bad as it is unreliable. The machine is broken 96 percent of the time, so boycott this frozen favorite to avoid being disappointed. When the machine is actually in operation, the ice cream usually melts before you can even make it back to your table.

Salad bar: Like the ice cream, Mabee’s salad bar is not so bad. However, when opting for a healthy salad at Mabee, one should keep an eye out for wilted lettuce or off-colored carrots.

Things specifically labeled “Vegetarian:” This should be self-explanatory.

Cookies: They are so good. You will get addicted to them. You cannot go up and down Cardiac Hill enough times to burn them off. The “freshman fifteen” is a real thing, and it comes from Mabee’s chocolate chip cookies.