Logan offers insight to future campus updates

Big changes will be coming to campus within the next 10 years. Plans to remodel residence halls will continue as well as other renovations across campus. After North hall is done, there will be a new renovation project about every year.

Trinity has seen recent renovations completed in the past few years, notably ongoing residence hall updates like  Witt-Winn and Murchison Hall. Other recent renovation projects like CSI and Marrs-McLean have been finalized as well.

“We will have several more residence halls over 10 years, we will do a residence hall every year to year and a half for a while,” said Gary Logan, vice president for finance and administration. “That will slow down a little bit, but we will continue doing residence halls probably on an average every year to two, maybe it will spread out to every two years as we kind of work through the back log of work.”

Each residence hall has a certain number of years that it can be lived in and many on campus are reaching that point. According to the audited financial statement of 2013 and 2014, the annual full-time amount of students was 2,228.

With students paying for room and board, the funds ended up being 51 percent of the unrestricted net revenues. With so many students currently residing on campus the facilities are being heavily used.

“Much of the campus was built in the 1950’s and “˜60s, because of that our buildings were built to last a very long time, so we need a fairly significant renovation at about the 20- to 25-year mark. They need new air conditioning systems and things like that””to kind of touch up””but not what we would call a major renovation,” Logan said.

Logan also noted the mark of 50 years for many buildings, and how at such a time, most systems of the building will need require remodeling and renovations.

“Then at about the 50 -year mark the buildings have really reached the end of life and the systems in it,” said Logan.

After North Hall, the Bell Athletic Center will be underway, along with tentative plans for Chapman.

“That residence hall is going now and the next major project up is the renovation of the Bell Center and the tentative budget for that is about $14. 2 million renovation. We are really excited about that and that is going to be a fantastic renovation, if we stay on schedule that is going to be phased because we are going to try and keep the building open and work around the student activities and athletic activities,” Logan said.

Logan continued, noting that the project will likely start in fall of 2015 and should last about a year, with eyes on other ongoing projects.

“That project will likely be starting around September of 2015, this coming September and it will probably be about a year, so we will be doing phases and kind of moving around the building throughout that year,” Logan said.