Residential Life begins preparations for upcoming semester

As the spring semester kicks into gear, preparations for next semester are already being made in the Residential Life offices. Throughout the month of February, candidates for ResLife staff positions will be going through a series of interviews before staff members for next year are selected.

The first round of interviews will take place this Sunday, Feb. 8. Applicants will be interviewed in a group setting. Those on the hiring end are looking for applicants that stand out in qualities that are necessary for a good ResLife staff member.

“We are looking for people who are approachable, charismatic and quick to help others,” said assistant director for residential education, Melissa Flowers. “They should have the ability to work in a group and should have good communication skills.”

If hired, ResLife staff members will be given one of three positions: resident mentor (RM), resident assistant (RA) or hall manager (HM). Titles and specific duties vary based on the class of the students they oversee. However, all ResLife staff members have some key responsibilities in common.

“All ResLife staff members work to build community,” Flowers said. “They serve as an available resource to their residents. RMs in the first-year halls help with the transition from high school life to college life. RAs in the sophomore college assist with things like major declaration. HMs serve the upperclassmen and help transition into life outside of college.”

Some current members of ResLife staff recall their hiring experience and say their time serving on the staff has taught them some valuable skills.

“There were several reasons I wanted to become an RM, but none were bigger than wanting to help welcome freshmen to Trinity and provide a leader figure that they could come to with any questions or concerns that they might have,” said junior RM Eric Engle. “The interview process was long and thorough. I have had a great experience as an RM and find myself using the skills I have learned on a daily basis.”

Engle has served as an RM in Herndon Hall for two years. Like Engle, senior Katy Norman is serving as a member of ResLife staff for her second year. She has been an RA in Prassel Hall each year.

“I am so happy to have had this experience,” Norman said. “I’ve learned a lot about myself, like how to balance work and fun. I’ve also improved my conversational skills. The job has kept me connected to the campus and continued to make Trinity my home away from home.”

After the interviews this weekend, applicants will be interviewed again in different settings. Current ResLife staff members must also be rehired.