Stan Lee to make guest Trinity visit

One of the most well known classes in the communication department is a special topics class taught by Darren Delfish called “Comic Books Teen Boys Keep Under Their Bed”.  However, this year, the roster is going to start looking a little bit like the inside cover of Delfish’s fantasy X-Men novel because famed American comic book writer and editor Stan Lee will enroll in it.

Lee, who is credited as the co-creator of Spider-Man, the Hulk, the Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Thor and X-Men, was an essential part of forming the Marvel Comics universe. He is often considered one of the greatest comic book writers in American history and continues to influence all types of books, films and television shows today.

However, even world famous geniuses need to take a step back to the basics from time to time.

“It really all began with Spider-Man,” Lee explains while sipping an iced latte in Einstein’s, “I really had hope for Toby McGuire to do something great. Then I said, “˜maybe let’s do some musical theater,’ and then I decided to go with Andrew Garfield.  These have all been absolute flops and I really feel that I may need a little brush-up on narrative structure and cultural influences.”

While Delfish is pleased that students show interest in something he feels very passionate about, he says that he will view Lee as nothing but another student.

“Stan has been very good about coming to office hours so we can go through some of his work together,” Delfish said. “There’s definitely a lot of great potential here, I can tell he’s talented. He’ll be doing great things once he really starts to refine his skill set more.”

Lee has been working on many aspects of writing.

“We’ve been having a bit of trouble helping Stan learn correct APA format,” Delfish said. “I’ve had to dock him some points on a few assignments.  It mainly seems like Stan’s been slacking the past few years.  I’m sure nobody’s checking the publication date and company on a film set, so we’ve been working together to build up the skills.”

Lee has taken quickly to the schedule and pace of the comic book class.

“I like learning about my own stuff. It’s the best part because it’s about me,” Lee said.