TigerTV hires new leaders

With only a few weeks left of the semester, the TigerTV team has been preparing for next year. After applications were reviewed and interviews were conducted, the 2015-2016 executive producers and managers were selected and announced.

Sophomore Benjamin Gomez was selected as the “Studio 21″ executive producer for next spring. He has two years of experience and says that TigerTV was one of the factors that drew him to Trinity.

“When I toured Trinity, I loved the TV studios and it seemed like a great way to get involved,” Gomez said. “TigerTV has been an important part of my Trinity career. Next year I will be the “˜Studio 21′ executive producer, where I will be running the show, collecting scripts and overseeing the different positions.”

In addition to “Studio 21,” TigerTV produces two other shows, “Newswave” and “The Not So Late Show.”

Junior Davis Alcorn will be the marketing and promotions manager for the whole operation next fall.

“Our goal is to increase the outreach of TigerTV,” Alcorn said. “I’m looking forward to working with a new team that will bring a brand new perspective.”

Sophomore Zachary Wooten shares Alcorn’s goal to increase viewership. Wooten will serve as TigerTV’s program manager.  He looks forward to the challenge of continuing the work that has been done thus far.

“I want to see more people watching next year. I also want to see us get a better replay value,” Wooten said. “We are losing a lot of really wonderful seniors, and I want to help continue excellence in TigerTV.”

Next year’s managers all have some previous experience being involved with TigerTV. Each had to reapply and complete an interview with the station manager and the faculty advisor.

“In the application, we had to pick our top three choices and answer questions about why we wanted to apply for these positions and how we could contribute,” said Junior Timothy Zhang. “After being interviewed, I waited a couple of days then got an email congratulating me on becoming website manager for TigerTV.”

Working for TigerTV is a paid job that aims to provide real-world experience, simulating a professional organization of this nature.

“The main thing I’m looking forward to is the experience,” Zhang said. “I have never handled a website as big and as public as TigerTV’s. This experience could help prepare me for my future.”

Students can work in capacities ranging from on-camera talent to technical work and directing.

“It is a great experience to show you that you have leadership skills,” Wooten said.

TigerTV studios were renovated in recent years and include state of the art equipment.

TigerTV is a cable television station that reaches Trinity and the surrounding area on channel 98.