Residence hall essentials for first year students


It is that time of year again. Getting ready to move back into your dorm in college””or move in for the first time if you’re a first year. You indiscriminately shove everything you own into suitcases and boxes and commence the trek up to campus. Once you start unpacking, however, you soon realize that though you certainly brought your high school football jersey, you left your rain boots behind. Perhaps you brought your hairspray, but completely forgot about shampoo. Here are a few things students consider essential to dorm room survival.

“A memory foam mattress cover! It makes your bed softer,” said Hannah Rusher, sophomore.

While you’re at it, remember to bring bedding and pillows. The residence halls’ air conditioners are permanently cranked up in this heat, and it’s bound to get cold at night! Speaking of the Texas heat, junior Anthony Sanchez has a vital packing list item for everyone.

“Deodorant! That’s number one in my list. We’re in South Texas and you’re gonna sweat. Also, Febreze. Bring a lamp; you don’t want your lights on all the time, especially if your roommate is sleeping and you need to get stuff done. Get duct tape. Always have duct tape. Nothing can go wrong with it.”

On the topic of personal hygiene items, the most important ones “”besides deodorant””include shampoo, conditioner, body wash or soap, hand soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste and towels. Waterproof sandals to use in the showers are highly recommended.

Power outlet placement varies in convenience depending on the building you live in, so you will find surge protector power strips useful more often than not. Plastic storage containers and small nails and thumbtacks are also convenient things to have at hand.

Insects thrive in this warm and humid weather.

For those of you prone to get stung by bugs, sophomore Inka Boehm has a suggestion.

“Bug spray. I don’t know if this is just me, but I get bitten by a bug like every two minutes!”

Aside from all the utilitarian items one needs for college life, there is one very important thing that we must not forget, says senior Bria Woods.

“Memories from home. It’s nice to have a reminder of where you came from in your new home, so bring comfort items. For me, it’s my favorite stuffed animal.”