Laundry prices increase on campus for students

This fall, students discovered that the cost of washing machines and dryers around campus had gone up 25 cents, from $1 to $1.25. The original cost was $1.00.

The prices increase was at the request of Coinmach, the company that installs and maintains the machines on campus.
“The contract that we have with Trinity and Coinmach allows them to come to us once a year and request a price increase,” said Jerry Ferguson, director of business operations.

This is the first price increase in six years and allows Coinmach to stay in line with the price of laundry services in San Antonio.

“The last price increase that was granted at Coinmach’s request took place six years ago. This is the first time they’ve come back to us since then, and their request was [motivated by their need to] stay in line with their retail division, the machines that are in the Laundromats in town,” Ferguson said.

Students are still upset over the price increase.

“I was kind of pissed because all summer at my apartment complex it was $1.25, and I was looking forward to paying a dollar like it was last year,” said Rebekah Vashus, a sophomore at Trinity.

Other students feel that the issue is not with the price increase, but with the quality of the washers and dryers around campus.
“It’s a real shame, not that the price has increased, but that the quality hasn’t increased,” said David Soo, a sophomore at Trinity. “I find that often times I do my load of laundry, and even though the washing machines are okay, sometimes with the dryers I have to pay an extra time just so my clothes are nearly dry. It’s pretty frustrating.”

For problems with the machines, students should contact the number on the washer or dryer or the purchasing department at Trinity.

“When you run across a situation like that, call the purchasing department and talk to Grace Martinez, who handles the repair of the equipment. Coinmach has been very good about responding to repair calls,” Ferguson said.

Despite the students’ displeasure with the price increase, many on Trinity’s administration decided that it was necessary.
“I think everybody agreed that they were overdue for a price increase because it has been $1.25 out in the trade for some time now,” Ferguson said. “They’ve been under the market and it was a really good deal.”

It is unlikely that the prices will go back down. However, Coinmach’s contract with Trinity is set to end in 2017 and a new company could take over.

“I would imagine that it would go through a bid process,” Ferguson said. “There’s a good chance that Coinmach could well maintain the contract because there’s been a lot of consolidation in the laundry business.”