Student success strategies series starts

This fall semester, Trinity University began offering its students a new program consisting of several topics to help interested scholars improve their academic skills. The Academic Success Workshop Series is designed to help students improve their study strategy skills. Other universities and colleges across the nation have used similar programs to assist and support students seeking help in improving academic skills, and Trinity is quickly following suit by offering valuable courses of the same topics to its students.

“I created it as a component of the Student Success Center to provide workshops to help students become academically successful,” said Stacy Davidson, director for Academic Support and creator of the program. Though the program is only in its first year, it has already been met with success and positive reactions.

“Students have responded well. After the time management workshop, some students asked for individual sessions to get one-on-one help. We offer afternoon and evening sessions, and the evening workshops are doing really well,” said Davidson.

Although seeking help can sometimes be an intimidating barrier to cross, the workshop series aims to provide true support for those looking for it.

“I want students to know that asking for help and seeking it is okay. Being successful in school is not always about how intelligent you are; sometimes, it’s about how you can use different strategies to develop skills,” said Davidson.

As for the future of the program, based on its current success, more opportunities are being added to the workshops to guarantee further success based on programs at other schools.

“Looking at what other centers do nationally, we saw they have a 3-pronged approach with workshops, academic coaching (one on one meetings), and online resources, which we’re working on, hopefully to be out by the middle of November, soon,” said Davidson.

Several of the upcoming workshops are promising to be as successful as past sessions, especially the test anxiety workshop, as it is a matter pertaining to a wide array of students on Trinity’s campus.

“We have one coming up on test anxiety, and we feel it needs its own time devoted to it, so we’re looking forward to that. Test anxiety really does impact your performance, and it can really be a barrier for students to be successful when they struggle with managing their anxiety,” said Davidson.

With a variety of sessions devoted to assisting a variety of needs, it’s evident that students seeking support in improving their classroom skills can find valuable relief and help through this workshop series. Students with questions or an interest in learning more about the workshops offered in the Academic Success Workshop are encouraged to contact Stacy Davidson. For a full schedule of dates and workshops offered, or for a report on what sessions are being provided for the week, students can see the most current Leeroy.