Tigers “get their tails to the gym” for Health and Fitness day


What do TUPD, a running store and a dermatology office have in common? They were each among the wide variety of services, businesses and organizations represented at Trinity’s annual Health and Fitness day.

Health and Fitness day is held every spring and provides an opportunity for students to meet representatives from various health-related programs to learn more about how they can use their services to live healthier lives.

Each organization sets up a table displaying pamphlets, products, photos or complimentary gifts. Students are free to check out whichever tables catch their eye.

This year’s Health and Fitness day included over 30 businesses and organizations. Some even had interactive games or activities. The Trinity University Police Department had a drunk driving simulation to highlight the danger of that practice. Students wore goggles that simulated being intoxicated and tried to safely walk around cones set up on the floor. Another organization had a yoga demonstration.

In addition to participating in fun activities, students were able to try samples of various products. Some businesses gave students the opportunity to sign up and receive emails or notifications about events and promotions. Others advertised discounted rates for memberships or products. From fitness, to safety, to wellness, Health and Fitness day had something for everyone and emphasized the importance of staying healthy.