Kicking off senior year

Kicking off senior year

Senior year is upon me. Where did all that time go? I still remember Bowling for Soup performing on the baseball field like it was yesterday. Then there was the whole Tyga debacle. Rack City, eh? My final Welcome Week concert has come and gone, and 3LAU”¦ Well, you tried your best. To be fair, Robert DeLong wasn’t bad. But T-Pain will probably always be the undisputed King of Trinity. We should give him a house on Oakmont and invite him to perform every Welcome Week concert ever for the rest of time because it’s just never going to be better than him, is it?

Imagine Christmas on Oakmont: tamales with Dr. Anderson, cookies and milk at Dean Tuttle’s house and then Hennessey and caviar at T-Pain’s place! Carolers near the chapel while DJ Khaled spins discs with T-Pain on the corner of Shook. Tell me that’s not the kind of party you want to go to.

I think SPB did a good job “” everyone I spoke to seemed to have enjoyed Saturday night’s festivities, though that might be owed to how many fermented wheat and grape beverages they’d consumed “” but it didn’t feel quite as special as last year. Maybe I’m just getting old and grumpy. Special shoutout to 3LAU for playing that Pokémon theme remix, though. It was fire.

I’m just not sure Prassel Lawn is the best place to recreate a rave-style atmosphere. It just wasn’t meant to be. I like the idea of trying to mix things up with the style, genre and types of music we bring in for Welcome Week, but personally, I don’t think you’re gonna beat things that we loved when we were a little younger. That’s what made T-Pain so great. He’s just old enough that we could afford to get him onto campus, yet just recent enough to feel a little relevant and still feel a bit like a throwback. Pick artists from Spotify’s middle school dance playlist. It’s pretty solid, for the record.

Preseason for soccer has almost come to its conclusion. The only real story to come out of that is that I managed to get concussed. I’d be rich if we’d had it on video. First, I was struck with a ball in what can only be described here as “the central inner groin area.” Falling over backwards in pain, I received a second strike from the ball, this time to my head, resulting in the concussion. It was something out of a ridiculous slapstick comedy movie, except it actually happened to me last week. I blacked out for part of the incident, which is a weird feeling. Thankfully I’m recovered and able to look back and laugh. All my teammates told me how funny it was. Maybe I’m glad there isn’t a video of it after all; I’ve had enough embarrassing moments to last a lifetime already.

So my senior year kicked off with a concert and a concussion. Hopefully this semester ends with a National Championship and a decent GPA, and the year ends with a degree, graduation and some prospect of future employment and happiness. That’s not too much to ask for, is it? I hope everyone is settling back into classes well. If I may have one request for this year: Get involved with Trinity sports! We have exceptionally talented athletes and they deserve our support. School spirit starts with us, so let’s make it happen.

Finally, can everybody leave my Tiger Statue Pokémon GO gym alone? I’m not giving it up “” it’s staying with me and the red team. Sorry I’m not sorry. Accept it and we can all move on. Have a great weekend, TU.