Soccer Spotlight

Soccer Spotlight

The Trinity women’s soccer team is dominant. They are a force to be reckoned with, currently 25-0, and have outscored their opponents by an incredible cumulative score of 67-3. Just last Friday, they destroyed Austin College 7-0. The teams’ members, seven seniors, 12 juniors, eight sophomores and five first years, are as fascinating off the field as they are on it. Brigitte Taylor, senior forward, is renowned among the team for her life-changing chocolate chip cookies. Yasmeen Farra, senior center mid, speaks Arabic. Nicole Gardini is a senior defender who has never finished a whole tube of chapstick. Alice von Ende-Becker, a sophomore center mid, wears a lot of skirts and dresses. The four sat down with me for a quick chat about their deepest fears and funnest moments.

What’s the funnest thing you’ve ever done in your life?

Gardini: Hiked the “¦

Taylor: Dove with sharks!

Gardini: OK [laughter] hiked the Longsheng Rice terraces in Guilin, China. Yeah, look it up, it’s pretty awesome. Google it.

Taylor: She hiked a mountain.

Farra: Oh! Swam in the Mediterranean sea off of a black-sand beach.

Taylor: I like to climb waterfalls. I’ve done it twice.

Farra: Waterfalls?

Taylor: Waterfalls.

What’s your ultimate jams, both pre-game jam and just jam-jam?

Taylor: Rihanna, “Needed me.”

Gardini: Yes!

Taylor: It’s my jam-jam.

Farra: Pre-game jam “” Future, “Stick Talk.” And jam-jam, “Broccoli.” I don’t know who sings it.

Gardini: I’m drawing a blank. I have so many jams. Peach, blackberry and apricot.

What’s the scariest moment of your life?

[On their trip to Italy this summer, a large number of the players crammed themselves into a tiny elevator, which proceeded to get stuck for about 45 minutes.]

Gardini: That elevator was pretty scary. I thought at any moment the cable was gonna break and we were just gonna hit the ground and my legs were gonna break. It was really scary. I kept my cool though.

Farra: Nothing that scary.

Taylor: I don’t get scared “¦ I’m kind of nervous about the clowns.

Farra: That’s a real one.

Von Ende-Becker: This one time, I went ding-dong ditching, but we didn’t actually want to ring the doorbell “˜cause it was late.

Gardini: So you didn’t ding dong.

Taylor: You just ditched.

Von Ende-Becker: So we gently knocked and then we ran. I was so scared.

Farra: That was the scariest moment of her life.

Gardini: And there you have it.

The Tigers have four more conference games before the playoffs begin. They will all be away. This weekend they are playing Southwestern and Texas Lutheran University, and next weekend they are playing Schreiner University and University of Dallas.