Making change: student athlete committee leads philanthropy project


graphic created by Alex Motter

Trinity participates in conference-wide competition

Trinity is known for its constant philanthropy and giving back to the community from students. Just like any other organization, Trinity athletics is no different. The Student Athletic Advisory Committee is a nation wide organization that helps give student athletes a voice on rules and regulations in the NCAA. It also allows students from different sports to come together and discuss issues and ideas they have for their athletic program. Each team has one representative that meets biweekly to discuss certain events and share different successes.

Every year, each school in the SCAC competes in Change for the Better to raise money for a charity of the school’s choice. This year each athletic department collected change during one weekend of home basketball games in the months of January and February. Trinity collected loose change from fans at the men’s and women’s basketball game on January 27th and 28th. They selected the Cancer vs. Coaches foundation, where the proceeds will go to cancer research.

“I really enjoyed helping raise money because it not only was an awesome way to support the basketball teams, but I was able to hangout with my teammates. It was really neat to see how willing people were to donate towards the cause,” sophomore golfer Elizabeth McGillivray.

Besides helping a worthy cause, it was also a great way to encourage other student athletes to come and support the basketball teams. One of the biggest things SAAC focuses on is how everyone can support one another especially during the seasons. President Callum Squires and Vice President Liza Southwick are always sending encouraging messages to teams who are competing and coming up with ways to spend more time together as an athletic community.

“SAAC is a not opportunity for students from all sports to come together and work together on issues as well support each other and our conference. It was really special to be able to work with other athletes at the basketball games for change for the better. I think it’s a small fundraiser that can make a big difference in the long run,” senior tennis player Southwick said.

Some people donated pennies they find in their pocket and some even went out of their way and donated twenty dollar bills. The fans showed their support not only for the organization but also the support of Trinity sports as a whole. Beating the $115.43 amount they raised for the Special Olympics last year, Trinity raised a total of $277.

Texas Lutheran University won the competition last year with $339.24 to which they donated to the Susan G. Komen. Trinity placed fourth last year but the committee put extra energy into the campaign in hopes to move up in the rankings.

Whether they win or lose, at the end of the day these student athletes are able to say they made a difference. The results of this years competition will not be announced until the beginning of march.

Throughout the year, the committee does events such as running a field day for the kids at Sunset Cottage and co-sponsoring for Concert for the Cure.

Several teams also raise money for different organizations of their choice and volunteer at local events. Sports is not just about scoring and competing but it is also about helping serve the community.

“It was fun being able to use sports to bring people together and raise money for a great cause. Many trinity teams came out to support the basketball team and raise money for charity, two great things in one,” junior swimmer Meg Chase said.