Previously, on SGA: Triple Threat

Previously, on SGA: Triple Threat

The following covers the SGA meeting on Oct. 31.


Senior senator Julia Shults asked senators to volunteer to help collect the new plastic bag recycling in City Vista.

Advisor David Tuttle asked members to sign posters for trans students to show alliance given recent political events. The posters were later delivered to the Pride meeting that night.


This week, Sheryl Tynes, vice president for Student Life, Deb Tyson, director of Residential Life, and Tuttle, dean of students, addressed members of SGA and took their questions.

Notably, Tyson detailed the plans to renovate South, Verna McLean, Beze and Herdon Residence Halls in summer 2019. Between now and summer, Prassel will also receive some upgrades in the lounges, Witt WInn hallway carpet will be replaced with vinyl and landscaping will occur between Calvert and Miller.

Tynes, Tyson and Tuttle all asserted that there was no plan to increase the size of Trinity’s population or change the three-year residence requirement.

Tuttle cautioned the leap students made from being upset that someone that they really liked was fired to using the event as an emblem of bigger problems.


Sophomore Cecelia Turkewitz, chief-of-staff, encouraged members to attend the “Pre-Coalition” meeting for the Coalition for Respect on Nov. 2 at 4 p.m. It will be the last meeting that Tuttle will be heavily involved in, as he is stepping away from the Coalition to be replaced by Tynes.