Previously, on SGA: Pinching pennies

Previously, on SGA: Pinching pennies

The following covers the meeting on Feb. 27.


First-year senator Ben Falcon raised concerns about a broken water fountain in Chapman Hall. Adviser Jamie Thompson recommended he contact Facilities Services.

Judicial chair Julia Jameson, junior, asked about the broken sliding door in Coates Student Center. Thompson said that the door is being replaced but that there is no concrete timeline.


Junior Ty Tinker, president of SGA, asked for feedback on bringing Bird scooters or another brand of scooters to campus. The initiative was started last semester. Tinker said that he had talked to TUPD and Facilities Services about the logistics and safety regarding the scooters. If approved by the administration, the scooters would be under the purview of SGA’s Public Relations committee.


The Muslim Student Association (MSA) requested $3,515.00 for Henna Night, an annual cultural event held in Laurie Auditorium, on April 16. The funds would go towards food from outside vendors, professional henna artists and renting clothes for the fashion show portion of the event. Due to discrepancies and estimates in the presented budget, SGA voted unanimously to table the discussion of approving funds and ask MSA to give them an updated, more precise budget.

The International Club and the Office for International Engagement requested $3,679.55 for the Trinity Recognition for International Engagement ceremony on March 23. The funds would go towards graduation stoles for international students and students who studied abroad, as well as food for the banquet during the ceremony. The group had already received $2,285 in donations from International Student Services, various academic departments and the 150th steering committee. Tinker reported that according to Thompson, who had left, students who participate in the De Colores and Kente ceremonies fund the stoles themselves. Junior senator Adelle Green suggested that they do not fund the stoles, and that the money that has been raised is used to subsidize the stoles. Senator emeritus Julia Shults, senior, raised concerns that students who had committed to being a part of the ceremony were not told that they would have to pay for stoles. SGA voted to approve $1,799.55, funding food but not the stoles. Sophomore senator Carson Bolding and junior senator Juana Suarez opposed.