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The following covers the meeting on April 24.

The entirety of this week’s senate meeting was spent on discussion and voting on the funding requests made by USOs in the previous weeks. The meeting, which usually runs from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., went 90 minutes overtime.

Vice president Kenneth Clouston, junior, gave an overview of SGA’s funding thus far. Clouston explained that there was around $26,000 left from the 2018-2019 student activity fund, and stated that SGA has enough money to fund all of the USO requests in full if they wish.

For each request, president Ty Tinker, junior, read through the line items requested by the USO, and senators held discussion if they felt that a line item did not deserve to be fully funded. SGA cannot cut specific line-items from USOs. SGA can make cuts to budgets based on the line items and make recommendations, but it is ultimately up to the USO to control their budget.


TUVAC requested $22,250. Sophomore senator Nick Pereda inquired about the $3,500 requested for food, which SGA typically does not fund unless it is essential to an event. First-year senator Esther Omegba explained that the food is necessary because it is for volunteers who go on day-long trips. SGA voted unanimously to approve the full amount.


Greek Council requested $31,875. Sophomore senator Polo Perez raised the question of why Greek Council needs to send all 10 members and their adviser to AFLV, an annual conference for Greek life in San Diego, each year. The conference is a $11,500 line item. While many USOs go to conferences, no other USO sends all of their members. Some senators expressed doubt about the value of the conference, as the Greek Council representatives who presented did not provide a lot of evidence of positive changes to Greek life that came as a result of attending the conference. Pereda pointed out that it would be irresponsible to cut only part of the line item with the intent of funding only a few members to attend because they do not have enough information about the cost breakdown of the conference. Senator emeritus Amulya Deva, senior, also pointed out that if they cut the entire line item, Greek Council could just move resources from other items, such as collaborations with other USOs or speakers, if they really wished to send all 10 members to the conference. After extensive time discussing, senators decided that they could not move forward without collecting more information from Greek Council. Senators voted unanimously to table further discussion and voting to next week’s meeting.


After no discussion, SGA voted unanimously to approve the full request of $199,550 for Recreational Sports, which includes intramural and club sports, Outdoor Recreation and Bell Center operations.


The Student Ambassadors requested $24,775. First-year senator Rachel Kaufman asked about the $500 request for shirts for Tuition Stop Day. The shirts are given to every third student that donates on Tuition Stop Day. Deva pointed out that they are not very strict, and that she has made three $1 donations in a row in order to receive a shirt. Falcon pointed out that the $500 is not that much money compared to their total ask and that they should move forward and fund the shirts. SGA voted unanimously to approve the full amount.


After no discussion, SGA voted unanimously to approve the full request of $175,942.92 for SPB.


After no discussion, SGA voted unanimously to approve the full request of $42,042 for the Mirage.


After no discussion, SGA voted unanimously to approve the full request of $32,609.32 for TDC. Junior senator Josephine Van Houten abstained due to her position on TDC.


The Trinitonian requested $56,650. The only difference between this year’s Trinitonian request and last years was an additional $10,000 to be dedicated to a fund for Registered Student Organizations to use for print advertisements. Senators discussed whether or not the $10,000 should be granted. Pereda spoke against the RSO fund, pointing out that if RSOs want ads, they can request the money from SGA. Deva suggested that instead, senators push Trinitonian advertising in funding meetings with RSOs instead of automatically funding the $10,000. Junior senator Juana Suarez spoke in favor of the fund, saying it removes barriers between RSOs and print ads by allowing them to talk only to the Trinitonian for ads and not also to SGA. Sophomore senator Claire Carlson pointed out that Deva’s suggestion could send up costing more if a lot of RSOs ask SGA for ad funds, especially as the ads from the fund would come at a discount. As the clock neared 9 p.m., sophomore senator Carson Bolding motioned to approve the full amount. Senators were split 6-6, with Pereda, Kaufman, Volzer, junior senators Grace Warner and Adelle Green and sophomore senator Kathryn Holy opposing. Clouston, who, as vice president, serves as a tie breaker, cast the tie-breaking vote opposing the motion. The specific amount cannot be voted on again. Senators then approved a motion to table further discussion to next week’s meeting.