Declassified: Why go home when you could…


Illustration by Andrea Nebhut

Tempted to go home just because you’re bored? Read this guide to find much better ways you can spend your time and money while getting to know San Antonio

For many Trinity students, it’s easy to find yourself trapped in the “Trinity Bubble” as soon as you arrive on campus. You go to class, go to Mabee and go home on the weekends because “San Antonio is dead,” and you just can’t stay away from your lively gentrified Austin neighborhood.

Well, we’ve developed the perfect beginner’s guide to San Antonio. Instead of spending your time and money on a long and boring drive back home, find out what you could do in San Antonio for the same price! We calculated the cost of your drive assuming that your car gets about 35 gallons per mile and that the average cost of gas stays around 2.47 dollars in Texas

Why go to Austin when you could…
According to Google Maps, a round trip to Austin and back to Trinity would take you about three to four hours to complete, totaling about 157 miles and can cost around $11 for gas.

But, why drive and listen to quirky Mitski when you could walk over to St. Mary’s Street and listen to quirky Mitski in person at Paper Tiger. Artists are often not-so-well-known, but for only $12 a ticket or less, the experience is worth it! Take a friend or two and explore nightlife in San Antonio.

Are you still pumped from the fourth victory of the United States women’s national soccer team at the Women’s World Cup? So are we! Get your soccer fix by supporting local women club teams in San Antonio! Check out the San Antonio Athenians‘ or the San Antonio Blossoms‘ websites for updates on upcoming games. If they aren’t playing soon, consider heading over to Toyota Stadium to watch a San Antonio FC game for about $13!

Still dying to see that movie that came out a few months ago? Head over to Regal Fiesta 16 to see it in theaters for only $2! With the money you save, why not buy that popcorn with the movie theater butter?

Why go to Houston when you could…
A drive to Houston and back takes about seven hours, is roughly 392 miles and can cost about $28 for gas.

But why would you do all that when you could “go Spurs go!” to a basketball game with your new first-year friends? Now that you’re in San Antonio, you’re an honorary member of the Spurs family, so go and support! Carpool with your friends, arrive early, get your hotdogs and pretzels and embrace your new favorite team. You can get tickets for around fifteen dollars, and you’ll still have money left over for concession food (did you know there’s even a Whataburger inside the stadium?).

Go to the farmer’s market at the Pearl! It features local food stands and locally grown produce every Saturday 9 a.m.–1 p.m. and Sunday 10 a.m.–2 p.m. Not only can you buy some delicious food and do yoga on the lawn with your friends, but you’re also supporting local farmers and food artisans, so you can feel good about it! Take the five-minute drive, spend as little or as much money as you want and take some Instagram-worthy pictures.

Why go to Dallas when you could…
Driving to Dallas and back will take about eight or nine hours, is roughly 548 miles and can cost about $39 for gas.

But why would you drive to Dallas when you could go to the Majestic Theater instead? These tickets can get pricy, but when you buy early and depending on the show, you can get a ticket to this historic and beautiful theater for about 40 dollars. This night in downtown will be one of the highlights of your semester! So, sit back and enjoy the show.

Ok, this suggestion is a little bit outside of San Antonio, but it’s worth the 40-minute drive… Float the Guadalupe River in New Braunfels! The beginning of the fall semester can be brutally hot in San Antonio, so cool off by taking a trip to the river with your friends. Carpool, buy your lunch and beverages at your local HEB, get your $20 tube at the river (I suggest one with a bottom) and enjoy the Texas day! Check out River Sports Tubes or Whitewater Sports for convenient and cheap tube rentals.