Trinity, declassified

Every year, a new wave of first-year students enters the Trinity Bubble. They’re initiated into the community during New Student Orientation (NSO) and Welcome Week, they’re given lists of resources and the Dos and Don’ts of college, they’re given ordinary advice on how to survive the firsts of this new era in their lives.

And every year, sophomores, juniors and seniors realize they didn’t know what was coming.

We get it. There’s no way that faculty and staff can tell you all you need to know about Trinity life. Even though some boast the same diploma you’re aiming for, things change, and Trinity isn’t the same place it was 10, 15 or 20 years ago.

That’s why we’re here, to give you the low-down on all things Trinity. Not the (helpful but) basic information handed to you during NSO. Not your average College Survival Guide. We bring you Trinity, Declassified. All you need to know about being a Trinity student, from the minds of Trinity students.

And we’ll miss some things. You’ll look back on your first few weeks of the newfound freedom college offers and think of all the things you wish you had known. It’s inevitable. But we want to help alleviate that.

Nothing the administration or staff members gives you will tell you about how, by the time you become a sophomore, maybe a little later, you’ve probably dated someone a friend has dated, or maybe you’ve become friends with someone who is the ex-roommate/now-nemesis of your first-year suitemate. They don’t tell you that sometimes it feels like you can’t meet new people who don’t have a preconceived image of you. They won’t tell you that a lot of Trinity students are over-committed and burnt out. But we will.

They’re not hiding anything from you; they just don’t know. They don’t know the tips and tricks to surviving campus dining, they’ll tell you it’s “Cardio Hill” (it’s Cardiac Hill. IFYKYK.) But we know, and we’re here to be a resource for you.

This is not an issue of the Trinitonian, though members of our staff compiled and created it for you. However, we hope you become familiar with our publication during your time at Trinity.

You’ll see new issues on stands nearly every week, or see us passing them out in Coates Student Center on Fridays. You’ll be keenly aware of heat in the pages of our opinion pages. You’ll be able to keep up with what’s going on in circles that are not your own. Maybe you’ll even work for us someday. (It’s hard to find people who’ve not had even the smallest of stints on our staff.)

You’re going to experience a lot of new things in your time here at Trinity. We hope this helps.