Experience life outside of “the Bubble”


Everyone likes to talk about the “Trinity Bubble.” Most Trinity students feel comfortable within this mile radius in which we reside for at least three years, and it’s kind of cool that alumni can come back and go to the same joints they went to when they were in school — Tycoon Flats, Bombay Bicycle Club, even Brass Monkey, probably. These go-tos will always be go-tos, but whether that’s a good or bad thing, we’re not sure.

The Trinity Bubble is safe, or feels safe. It’s familiar. We all know the best happy hours; we become friends with the people who work at some of these places. It’s nice to feel so comfortable in this little corner of San Antonio.

But San Antonio is the seventh largest city in the nation (and it’s projected to become the sixth in the next couple of years). It’s more than 465 square miles. Think of all the potential. Think of all the restaurants and bars and clubs and people there are to meet once you go south of the Pearl.

It’s easy to walk down to the Strip, and it’s probably cheaper than Lyfting across town, but by staying in this little bubble, you’re missing the real San Antonio. Don’t be a tourist for the four years you’ll be in this city; try to make it home. Don’t be that senior who’s never been to Fiesta. Don’t go walking around on just the part of the Riverwalk that’s by the Alamo. Don’t just go see touring bands at venues like Paper Tiger.

San Antonio is filled with incomparable culture. That’s why locals will defend it to the death, especially when it’s likened to Austin. This city has grown and expanded over the years, but it hasn’t lost its charm (even after winning five NBA championships, the city is still incredibly humble).

With this Food, Drink and Nightlife issue, we hope you’re inspired to explore. Whether that means exploring San Antonio, getting to know the Strip better or just exploring your own tastes generally, we leave that up to you.