The need for storytelling

The need for storytelling

Courtney Justus April 8, 2016

In my English classes this semester, there have been discussions regarding how we preserve our memories, as well as how we choose to portray them. Writing memoirs and personal essays involves recalling...

All I want for Christmas is no more drama

All I want for Christmas is no more drama

Courtney Justus February 26, 2016

Lately I've been thinking about the actual meanings of holidays and how we spend them. I can see how that might sound cliché, but I promise you that I'm not going to go into any sugar-coated speeches...

Running for happiness

“Running” for happiness

Courtney Justus February 12, 2016

A few months ago, I was introduced to the term "hedonic treadmill" by a professor teaching the First Year Experience on happiness. Essentially, the hedonic treadmill refers to the idea that a person...

In the park, without a hurry

Courtney Justus December 5, 2015

After leaving home at the end of Thanksgiving break, I got stuck in some bad traffic. It wasn't the worst delay I've experienced, but it was certainly nerve-wracking to wait behind a long line of cars,...

Pleasure in difficulty

Pleasure in difficulty

Courtney Justus November 13, 2015

What you see here is not a first draft. It is not flawless either, though what I tend to call my last draft still doesn't often seem perfect to me. I hear what I imagine to be the thoughts of both real...

Unattainable standards

Courtney Justus October 30, 2015

Imagine the following situation: you're in your dorm room, staring at a book or computer, trying to get one last bit of reading done before you go to bed. You think about the reading, plus the paper you...

Don’t compare or even try

Courtney Justus October 10, 2015

During the second half of high school, I understood that if I wanted to go to college in the United States, I would have to work very hard to get scholarships and grants that would help me pay my way through...

Spirit and ecstasy in theater and beyond

Courtney Justus October 2, 2015

Every day, I find some reminder of a guest lecture here at Trinity from a distinguished individual, either in my email or on a poster I see on my way to class. Most of the time, I have never heard of these...

Everything you wanted

Courtney Justus September 14, 2015

The other day in one of my classes, we were discussing the philosophical problem of being versus non-being or, in other words, what exists and what doesn't. The philosopher Parmenides states that humans...

Tattoos and tragedy

Courtney Justus August 31, 2015

Some of my most recent writing explored the significance of tattoos. I am perfectly aware that pop culture and others' opinions often make a big difference in how we perceive tattoos. I keep going back,...

A place I can easily call my home

Courtney Justus August 24, 2015

For the past couple of years, I have debated in my head about which city to call home. This debate is greatly influenced by the fact that I have most of my loved ones split up between two very different...

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