Gabrielle Shayeb – Do over deliberation: what would you do differently?

Gabrielle Shayeb May 3, 2013

It's less than a month until I graduate. There. It's on paper. One month from today, I will be stuck in that heinous no-man's land between undergrad and law school. And it sucks. In the past weeks, I've...

Redefining our generation, proving Wikipedia wrong

Gabrielle Shayeb April 19, 2013

At the beginning of this week, I wrote a column that would tell my feelings about my impending graduation and departure from the Trinity University community. I hoped I would make my readers grateful for...

A year in the life: lessons learned from Greek reinstatement

Gabrielle Shayeb April 5, 2013

Hello again, dear readers. Hopefully you were able to get some rest on this lovely three-day weekend and celebrate Easter/Passover/spring to its fullest. During my weekend at home in West Texas, I wracked...

“Senior” citizen on spring break

Gabrielle Shayeb March 22, 2013

Welcome back, dear readers. Hopefully you survived the existential experience of spring break and are now easing yourself back into the daily grind that Trinity folk know and despise. Whilst writing this...

Riding the struggle bus

Gabrielle Shayeb February 22, 2013

It is with great trepidation that I write the words you are about to read. In doing so, I will be admitting my biggest fear of all time and will have to thus enter into a period of pensive self-reflection...

The narcissistic Generation (friendl)Y

Gabrielle Shayeb February 8, 2013

Well. It happened. That moment we were all waiting for finally arrived last Sunday, as millions of us crowded around our televisions with unhealthy food and beverages in hand to watch the event. You guessed...

YOLO, #No: A commentary on things to leave back in 2012

Gabrielle Shayeb January 25, 2013

Welcome to a new year, dear readers. Hopefully your break was full of friendly faces and fascinating stories. Though I enjoyed the long break, I found myself missing my friends, club lib outings, and ASR...

Thanksgiving: the worst holiday ever

Gabrielle Shayeb November 16, 2012

Well. My least favorite holiday is upon us once again. It's not Arbor Day, Tax Day or Election Day (even though I'm a Republican). No, dear readers, my least favorite holiday is that "glorious" day known...

Happy November? A celebration of the seemingly unimportant

Gabrielle Shayeb November 2, 2012

Hopefully, you all were able to survive the traumatic and wonderful experience of Halloween at Trinity University. The passing of this momentous holiday means that we now find ourselves in that much dreaded...

The most wonderful time of the year: a brief recount of the fabulous things that Halloween has to offer

Gabrielle Shayeb October 19, 2012

It's about to be my favorite time of year again, gals and ghouls. It's that time of year when girls dress like slutty kittens or Crayola© crayons, where guys dress up like sport fanatics for their favorite...

The numbers in life add up

Gabrielle Shayeb September 28, 2012

It's no secret that I hate numbers. All mathematical equations are useless to me. In middle school and high school, I would plague my teachers with the still-pertinent question of "why do we need to know...

Giving credence to my credo

Gabrielle Shayeb September 14, 2012

Last week, I found myself flipping through TV channels and stumbled across Kevin Costner's classic baseball hit "Bull Durham." In the film, Costner's character is most remembered for his soliloquy on...

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