Senior Column: Goodbye, Triniland

guest columnists April 27, 2012

Trinity, thanks for giving me some great friends, and an awesome education, but don't expect much more thanks than that "“ I mean I've given you plenty of "thanks" (you and I both know how large my...

Senior Column: Three lessons in fun

guest columnists April 27, 2012

By now, I'm sure you all would expect me to write some sort of feminist sermon for this senior column business. I was thinking of being cheeky and refusing to for the sake of fun but as we all know, feminists...

Guest Column: Nutritionally navigating NIOSA: Tips and tricks

guest columnists April 20, 2012

It's hard to pass up a party as fun as NIOSA, especially since it is only a small part of a once-  a-year celebration. Certainly, a couple of nights at this festival could leave you feeling more than...

Guest Column: Recognizing the significance behind National Day of Silence

guest columnists April 20, 2012

Much of what we have covered up to now has been focused on ways in which you can take action to mold your community to be what you want it to be. One of the most elemental ways to do this is by the simple...

Letter to the editor: Giuliani “fracking” wrong

guest columnists April 20, 2012

Dear Editor, Several students commented to me about misleading statements on energy that they heard at a recent campus talk by Rudy Giuliani.  Unfortunately, unscrupulous politicians today are minions...

Guest Column: Top five sports to watch: the fun is in the pregame

guest columnists April 19, 2012

5. Football Football is America's new pastime; the Superbowl is one of the most watched events of the year. Football is so important to our lives that we will sit through coverage of the most boring...

Point vs. Counter Point: Kony 2012

guest columnists April 13, 2012

Point by Philippa Johnstone -  I often wish I could live on a sailboat, drifting along the waters of New Zealand, away from TV, advertisements and the daily propaganda, lies, and schemes spread by...

Letter to the editor: Alumni support

guest columnists April 13, 2012

Dear Editor, Not really a letter to the editor so much as a word of support. My husband was the editor and I was an editor and we spent every waking minute on the paper our senior year. That year we...

Letter to the editor: Trinity historically prone to bad publicity while good goes unnoticed

guest columnists April 13, 2012

Dear Editor, Last week, I read a San Antonio Express-News article about Greek misbehavior at Trinity. I feel like I read a similar article last year, and the year before that and not that long ago I...

Letter to the editor: Transparency is needed to protect university as a whole

guest columnists April 13, 2012

Dear Editor, Trinity University's lack of forthrightness during the current Greek letter organization fiasco is a complete disappointment to alumni nationwide. More than a month after sending out a...

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