Blast from the past: Kendra Doshier on post-grad life

guest columnists February 1, 2013

Spring 2012, Senior year at Trinity: I was frantic about finding a job and moving to LA as soon as humanly possible. I was trying to enjoy my last moments as a Trinity student, hanging out with my AcaBellas...

First impressions: a faculty perspective

guest columnists January 25, 2013

My wife, Paige Fields, and I joined the TU Business Administration faculty at the beginning of last semester. Having spent 27 years as a student or professor at large public universities (LPUs), I thought...

Morris Orchids EP by Morris Orchids is one of the quintessential college rock records according to guest columnist James Swerzenski.

The quintessential college rock records

guest columnists November 16, 2012

First, the kind of bad news: Your music tastes will typically be set during your high school and college years, or better known to the majority of you reading this, right now. Now this isn't just me....

O-Rec trip leader saves lives

guest columnists October 26, 2012

On the weekend of Oct. 21, O-Rec trip leader Peter Vidmar led a backpacking and stargazing trip in Lost Maples expecting nothing more than some good ole fresh air and relaxation. Little did Peter know...

Prior to the arrival of of the poles, the road between the Bell center and the football field was blocked due to construction on the new Facility Services building. The poles appearance eradicated any hope the road would open to vehicular traffic again. The closure marks the beginning of an effort to make Trinitys campus more pedestrian friendly. Visit to voice your opinion about the poles in this weeks poll. Photo by Matthew Brink.

ASR VP on parking, restrictive poles

guest columnists October 17, 2012

As ASR's vice president, my role usually consists of overseeing the process of allocating the Student Activity Fee, which is a fancy way of saying that I maintain and update a very large Excel spreadsheet....

President Ahlburg on tattoos: what they won’t tell you at the parlor

guest columnists October 5, 2012

In case you were too busy to read the Wall Street Journal on September 18, you missed a story about something that 22 percent of college students have: a tattoo. What you missed is equally relevant to...

October brings opportunities to come out against injustice

guest columnists October 5, 2012

We all have our little secrets: some dirty, some clean, many times kept to ourselves simply because we do not know how our lives will change once the secret gets out. For the vast majority of lesbian,...

Week of champions: The UEFA Champions league is back!

guest columnists September 21, 2012

What a great week to be a soccer fan. The world's most prestigious club competition kicked off this week to the delight of millions around the world. For those unfamiliar with what The Union of European...

Suicide prevention week

guest columnists September 14, 2012

This semester, about 75 Trinity undergrads will share an alarming common experience: they will seriously contemplate committing suicide.  This I know from several years of conducting anonymous surveys...

Newhouse says goodbye to Trinity

guest columnists September 14, 2012

It's hard to believe that today marks my final day at Trinity. When you've spent 13 of the last 17 years at one place, a 500-word farewell column presents quite a challenge "¦ especially for someone who...

Matt talks GameStop Expo

guest columnists September 7, 2012

Imagine you wake up in a world were everyone smells like Mountain Dew, democracy has been replaced with games of Call of Duty, and the newest fashion statement is a thick neck beard. Well I witnessed all...

Welcome back from ASR

guest columnists August 24, 2012

Dear Trinity Students, As President of the Association of Student Representatives (ASR), I hope that everyone had a great summer, and I am happy to welcome you back to Trinity. This coming school year...

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