The need for inclusive language in abortion activism

The need for inclusive language in abortion activism

Logan Crews, Managing Editor September 9, 2021

Despite my anger, grief, frustration and every other negative emotion possible, I’ve had a hard time talking about Texas’ new law largely banning abortions that occur after six weeks of pregnancy....

The issue with “Keep the Christ in Christmas”

The issue with “Keep the Christ in Christmas”

Christianity is about acceptance, judging non-believers only leads to division
Logan Crews November 19, 2020

We’re venturing further into the holiday season, and the signs are everywhere. Car commercials complete with giant bows on the hoods, bells added to every company’s jingle, and storefronts decked out...

Photo credit: Kate Nuelle

When trick-or-treaters come knock knocking

Logan Crews October 29, 2020

illustration by Kate Nuelle The Halloween when I got the most candy was when I tap danced in my Converse in front of each of my neighbors’ houses. My toes hurt from repeatedly smashing them into...

Photo credit: Gracen Hoyle

A sophomore’s perspective on being at home

Logan Crews September 30, 2020

illustration by Gracen HoyleIt’s been months, and I still feel lonely. I still feel cheated out of what everyone told me would be the best years of my life. I still feel confused, tired and frustrated.I’ve...

Bored at home? Embrace it.

Bored at home? Embrace it.

Logan Crews April 30, 2020

Illustration by Genevieve Humphreys If I see one more social media post with the caption, “I’m bored in the house and I’m in the house bored,” I think I might lose my mind. But...

Photo credit: Genevieve Humphreys

Patriotism is more than just worshiping the Stars and Stripes

Logan Crews April 13, 2020

Illustration by Genevieve HumphreysI grew up in a patriotic home. My grandpa served in the Navy, my siblings and I were Scouts, and our front porch is decked out with red, white and blue ribbon anytime...

College can be a safe haven for LGBTQ+ students

College can be a safe haven for LGBTQ+ students

Logan Crews March 26, 2020

Illustration by Kate Nuelle Coming out is like being reborn for a lot of LGBTQ people. And like being born the first time, none of us have any control over what life we are thrust into, what circumstances,...

Examining politics with the Golden Rule

Examining politics with the Golden Rule

Logan Crews February 25, 2020

Illustration by Andrea NebhutWe all remember the ever-popular saying in 2016 when people who liked neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump still showed up to the polls to vote for one over the other:...

The dos and donts of social media activism

The dos and don’ts of social media activism

Logan Crews February 13, 2020

Illustration by Andrea NebhutStop! I know you think it’s really important for you to reshare that post because it’s supposed to plant a tree or donate a dollar to Australia or something, but...

SASA approves amendment, new election process

Logan Crews February 6, 2020

Photo by Martina AlmeidaAt the first South Asian Student Association (SASA) meeting of the semester, members unanimously voted on a constitutional amendment that would transform the officer election process:...

TriniD&D connects fantasy fans

TriniD&D connects fantasy fans

Logan Crews January 30, 2020

Photo by Kate NuelleTriniD&D began with just a few friends wanting to play Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) together. When juniors Trace Glorioso and Andja Bjeletich became involved with the group...

Luke Tunstall awarded C. Oswald George Prize for statistics paper

Luke Tunstall awarded C. Oswald George Prize for statistics paper

Logan Crews January 23, 2020

Graphic by Quinn ButterfieldEach year, the best article in the academic journal “Teaching Statistics” is awarded the C. Oswald George prize. The 2019 prize-winner was Trinity’s own Luke...

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