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Make the most of liberal arts courses

Manfred Wendt November 1, 2017

As college kids, we don't know much, but as a result of the Trinity experience, we become informed on a plethora of issues. I know that I came to Trinity in order to get a political science degree and...

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Why the Trinitonian is relevant

Manfred Wendt October 9, 2017

At a small school like Trinity, it is easy, and sometimes even fun, to attack the institutions on campus for not being as large, well-funded or putatively prestigious as institutions on larger campuses....

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Political families

Manfred Wendt October 4, 2017

Many families have the same worries when they go to visit their first-year student "” that their child has been brainwashed by the progressive professors, students and environment. They fear that their...

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Peaceful protest, free speech and the NFL

Manfred Wendt September 27, 2017

This weekend, the news cycle was once again dominated by President Donald Trump. At both a rally in support of Alabama Senate candidate Luther Strange and on Twitter, Trump called for NFL players who protested...

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Trinity’s nanny state is exactly what you asked for

Manfred Wendt September 18, 2017

Progressives at Trinity have much to be thankful for this year. The progressive nanny state at Trinity has taken a surprisingly large jump in size, especially compared to the years past. The nanny state...

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Why immigration is regulated

Manfred Wendt September 12, 2017

Discussions pertaining to immigration are often some of the hardest discussions one can have in politics. Often times, both sides talk completely past the other. The conservative says she wants legal immigration,...

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Teach-in raises more questions

Manfred Wendt September 7, 2017

This past Friday, I attended a Senate Bill 4 teach-in that was put on by the philosophy department and a number of far-left organizations that have operations in San Antonio. I am not going to lie; I came...

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Clashing shades of red

Manfred Wendt August 30, 2017

The Republican primary in Texas has a reputation for being a bloody, polarizing affair. A primary is an election held before the general election by parties to determine who will be their nominee for the...

Special session rodeo

Manfred Wendt August 23, 2017

The Texas Legislature was working late into the summer this year. Greg Abbott, governor of Texas, determined that the state legislature didn't get enough done during the regular session, so he called them...

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Casting your political net at Trinity

Manfred Wendt August 17, 2017

At colleges across America, students are eagerly arriving with heads held high and an unwritten bucket list of things to do while in college. That bucket list might include having a beer at a frat party,...

Republicans: Im with you!

Republicans: I’m with you!

Manfred Wendt November 18, 2016

Calling all Trinity conservatives, Republicans, libertarians and deplorables: This article is probably the only article that you want to read in this edition of the Trinitonian. Following the shocking...

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