Zoë and Mary Kaffen come to Trinity from San Juan Capistrano, California. The first years are identical twins, best friends and doubles partners on the Trinity women’s tennis team. During a break from competition this past Saturday, the Kaffen twins told me a little bit about themselves.

Who is older?

MARY: Mary.

ZOË: What?

MARY: (laughs)

ZOË: It’s a debated fact.

MARY: I’m older.

ZOË: Ok, but only by one minute.

MARY: Ok, but scientifically I’m older. I’m older. Mary is older.

Why did you start playing tennis?

MARY: We were kind of forced to by our parents.

ZOË: No, don’t say that.

MARY: OK. We really love the sport.

What is your on-court relationship like?

ZOË: Mary and I are hitting partners, doubles partners just—

TWINS: —partners.

ZOË: We play against each other and with each other and help each other out.

What is your off-court relationship like?

ZOË: With each other?

MARY: Yeah with each other! It’s a relationship.

ZOË: (laughs) I don’t know. We are always with each other.

ZOË: We hang out all the—

TWINS: —time.

MARY: We’re besties.

Do you fight a lot?

ZOË: We fight a lot on the court.

MARY: No we don’t!

ZOË: Oh, no we don’t.

MARY: We don’t fight on the court all the time.

ZOË: We fight over clothes and over regular girl stuff but not over tennis.

Who is your favorite tennis player?

MARY: I really like the Bryan Brothers, obviously ‘cause they’re identical twins and they play doubles.

ZOË: I have to say my favorite tennis player is Roger Federer.

Who is the Venus and who is the Serena in your relationship?

ZOË: Isn’t Serena more intense? You’re Serena. I’m Venus.

MARY: Cool.

ZOE: Mary’s Serena and—

MARY: —Zoë’s Venus

If you did not play tennis, what sport would you play?

ZOË: Beach volleyball.

MARY: Yeah! I really wanna play beach volleyball. Maybe one day.

What is the biggest difference between you two?

MARY: Zoë’s more talkative—

ZOË: —and Mary’s quieter.

What is the worst part of being twins?

ZOË: People will ask us “Are you twins?” and then we’ll say yes, and then they’ll ask me when my birthday is, and then they’ll ask Mary—

TWINS: —when [my/her] birthday is.

ZOË: That’s probably the most annoying part.

MARY: That’s an annoying question.

What is the best part of being twins?

ZOË: Always having someone to hang out with, who you can talk to.

What is a misconception about you two?

ZOË: I think a misconception would be that we like all the same things. We differ in a lot of things—

MARY: Yeah we have a lot of different…

ZOË: —likes and dislikes.

MARY: I’d say the same thing. We don’t like everything the same. We have a lot of differences.

What are you looking forward to in playing tennis at Trinity?

ZOË: The team.

MARY: Yeah, the team for sure. Playing on a team with—

TWINS: ….everyone

ZOË: Getting to know all the girls—

MARY: —for four years.

ZOË: It should be fun.