The “Trinity Bubble” is absolutely real. It is so easy to get wrapped up in everything going on at Trinity that one forgets there is a world beyond it.

Campus involvement is an important part of being a Tiger, but an exciting part of the Trinity experience is exploring the world off campus. With a rich history and diverse culture, San Antonio provides an exciting environment to learn, discover, and try new things.

One of San Antonio’s claims to fame is its diverse and unique food scene.

“There’s this restaurant called Feast. It has all types of food, and it’s so good! You’ll never find anything on the menu that you won’t like or you think is gross,” said Hannah Rusher, sophomore. “La Gloria has authentic Mexican food. So, if you want real Mexican food and not Tex-Mex, go there. The food is great and it’s cheap, so it’s great for a college student’s budget.”

“Tycoon Flats is good, and it’s walkable from campus.” said Tito Sandigo, senior. “I like Local Coffee in the Pearl [Brewery]. Oh! Try Bakery Lorraine. That’s where it’s at!”

For anyone with a sweet tooth hoping to satisfy a sugar craving, sophomore Inka Boehm knows where to go:

“There’s this place that sells nothing but cupcakes. It’s called Oh Yeah Cakes, and it’s so good!”

For something close by, junior Charlie Stein suggests a restaurant also serving up sweet treats.

“There’s the Olmos Pharmacy. Their milkshakes are awesome!”

Junior Anthony Sanchez has the ultimate burger recommendation:

“There’s Sam’s Burger Joint, and they have live bands every day of the week. Mondays are swing nights. Their burgers are phenomenal, and they even have their own branding on top of the burgers.”

Not a foodie? Fear not, there are many other non-food-related things to do, as Sanchez can tell you:

“There’s the Grand Agave. On Thursday nights, students enter free, and there’s Latin dancing. There’s an Archery Club downtown on Broadway and 410. It’s $10 per hour, and they have their own equipment that you can use. Astro Bowl is a bowling alley down Austin Highway. Wednesdays are $1 nights, and Thursdays are College Night. On Fridays and Saturdays there is midnight bowling. On September 11, 12 and 13, there is the Alamo City Comic Con.”

“I like to go tubing in New Braunfels.” Rusher adds. “There’s this indie bookstore in the Pearl [Brewery]. It’s called The Twig. It has popular books, but it also has things that you would not find at a regular bookstore.”

If you’re more into sightseeing and have already been to the Alamo, senior Sarah Friedlander has a couple of recommendations:

“The SAMA, San Antonio Museum of Art, has Tuesday nights free for all. Trinity Students can enter free all the time because the University pays for us to have access to the museum. There’s also the Zoo, which is my favorite place, and the Japanese Tea Gardens.”

So take a break from studying and enjoy what the bustling city of San Antonio has to offer. You never know, you might just find a new hidden gem to call your own!