Matthew Hibbs sits in his brightly lit office as he tutors one of his computer science students.

TU Cribs: Hibbs’ Crib

A peek into the naked mole-rat themed office of Matthew Hibbs
Audrey Deering, Pulse Editor March 24, 2022

Students who take advantage of office hours might feel curious about the countless treasures that line the walls and shelves of their professors. Each office hosts a collection that has clearly been...

Bid Day 2021

How has Bid Day survived COVID-19?

Greek life organizations will celebrate new members outdoors and masked up
Audrey Deering, Pulse Reporter February 10, 2022

For many Trinity students, Bid Day is a much-anticipated Greek life tradition that welcomes new members into one of the 14 Greek life organizations. However, just like countless other events on campus,...

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Audrey deering