Rethinking how we discuss history

Rethinking how we discuss history

Noelle Barrera October 26, 2018
Let's give historical discussions the complexity that they deserve
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The fallacy of boys will be boys

Thomas Harvell-Degolier September 26, 2018

“Boys will be boys.” Four short words that are commonly used to excuse actions that can hurt someone grievously for a lifetime. And when a woman comes forward to testify, to share the truth...

Watergate and Fox News: Echoes of the past

Watergate and Fox News: Echoes of the past

Thomas Harvell-Degolier September 11, 2018

Shocking revelations and event after event revealing duplicities from the White House that leave the nation glued to their screens watching investigations unfold — though these details correspond...

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The Advent of Coeducation and Trinity University

Thomas Harvell-Degolier August 15, 2018

History matters. It shapes how we think and the institutions that surround us. This column will focus on the impacts of history and how it shapes our world. To start with, I will look at the founding of...

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The good, bad and ugly of San Antonio

Historical and Cultural Good: McNay Art Museum This 24-room Spanish colonial-revival house turned art museum is really an artwork in itself. Wander around the maze of paintings, drawings, sculptures...

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Benchmarking progress through culture

Gabriel Levine February 28, 2018

A permanent feature of modern life is technological envy. Due to the rate of technical progress and astute marketing, a new phone or computer only feels new for a few months until a newer, faster model...

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History classes teach empathy, too

Gina Tam February 25, 2018

“Why should I take a history class, Dr. Tam?” Indeed, this question is one that those of us in the humanities often are forced to address. In a world where our college graduates are increasingly...

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Lecture addresses the “new Cold War”

Noelle Barrera February 22, 2018

In his lecture The New Middle East Cold War, F. Gregory Gause attempted to explain the causes of the current Middle Eastern political crisis by focusing on the effects of destabilizing states. Gause...

Jeffery Wasserstorm visits campus. Photo from UC Irvine Website

China expert visits FYE this week

Victoria Abad October 25, 2017

Leaders of a 2014 pro-democracy protest in Hong Kong involving thousands of students were sentenced to prison this August. This is one recent example of China's storied legacy of youth protest, which is...

photo by Miguel Webber

Culture shocked in Spain: Gaffner reports

Soleil Gaffner September 28, 2017

Hola, clase. Today, I'm writing about intercultural learning capacities, or, in plainer terms, culture shock. During our week-long traveling seminar, the Trinity in Spain program was accompanied by...


Handling U.S. history the German way

Daniel Weber September 20, 2017

Right now, the U.S. is in a crucial moment in history. In a few years, people will look back at 2017 and point to the actions being taken with regard to resolving an issue as old as the nation itself:...

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The tarnished present of Spain: Gaffner abroad

Soleil Gaffner September 12, 2017

This week on Soleil's Adventures in Spain, I realize how grateful I am that I was able to experience study abroad through Trinity. The program organizers, Trinity's own Bladimir Ruiz, Rosana Blanco-Cano...

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