Bombay Bicycle Club

Exploring San Antonio as off-campus life takes center stage

How the shift to college life and lifted restrictions have changed going-out culture
Samira Turino, Arts and Entertainment Reporter March 9, 2023

With heavy COVID restrictions becoming a thing of the past, the St. Mary’s St. sidewalks are again filled with students making their way to Bombay Bicycle Club on Thursdays, a day more infamously referred...

Thursdays arent for Bays anymore or ThurzBays vs. ThursGays

Thursdays aren’t for Bays anymore or ThurzBays vs. ThursGays

Georgie Riggs April 4, 2018

Bombay Bicycle Club, the small, pub-style restaurant close to Pizza Classics by Brackenridge Park, used to be the buzziest way to spend your Thursday night. ThursBays, or Thirsty Thursdays, may no longer...

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