On atheism and open-mindedness

On atheism and open-mindedness

Alexander Jacobs February 21, 2018

G.K. Chesterton, a notable convert to Catholicism from the 20th century, once rightly pointed out, “Merely having an open mind is nothing. The object of opening the mind, as of opening the mouth, is...

Spring break

Spring break

Alexander Jacobs February 9, 2017

College is a time of self-exploration, self-improvement, hard work and perseverance. We want to find out who we are while simultaneously learning practical things about the world and our future. A popular...

Disagreement isnt discrimination

Disagreement isn’t discrimination

Alexander Jacobs November 18, 2016

Once again, the left has demonstrated that the best way to win an argument is to employ logical fallacies. Exhibit A: last week's Trinitonian article titled "Promote free speech, not free discrimination,"...

Yes, Jesus was a conservative

Yes, Jesus was a conservative

Alexander Jacobs November 14, 2016

Liberals often assume that Jesus was a liberal because he wanted to redistribute income to help the poor. However, regardless of religious beliefs, one can recognize that this is a deceitful, inaccurate...

The lefts race problem

The left’s race problem

Alexander Jacobs October 1, 2016

From an objective perspective, the mainstream left clearly enjoys depicting conservatives as evil or morally deficient. There is something empowering about skipping rational argumentation and going straight...

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