The following staff positions are open for applications:

  • Sports reporter
  • Arts Reporter
  • Pulse Reporter

If you are interested in joining our staff, you can apply by clicking here and filling out our form.


News, Sports, Pulse and Arts & Entertainment

  • Reports on content that is important and relevant to the Trinity community
  • Reports to best of ability by adhering to policies, principles and ethics of the Trinitonian
  • Responsible at least one story each week that is between 550-700 words in length for print (no definite limit for online), with exceptions
  • Schedule interviews with students, faculty, staff and others to provide quotes and sources for their stories. This involves sending emails and arranging to interview on your own time
  • Pay rate of $50 per assignment


  • Expected to create multiple pieces per issue, depending on demand
  • Works with writers and section editors to create appropriate accompaniments for articles
  • Creates illustrative artwork or takes photographs that complement a story



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