Thank you for your interest in applying for a position on the Trinitonian! Descriptions of the available positions can be found below. Fill out the form here to apply.

REPORTER – $50 per story

  • Reports on content that is important and relevant to the Trinity community
  • Reports to best of ability by adhering to policies, principles and ethics of the Trinitonian
  • Responsible at least one story each week that is between 550-700 words in length for print (no definite limit for online), with exceptions
  • Schedule interviews with students, faculty, staff and others to provide quotes and sources for their stories. This involves sending emails and arranging to interview on your own time
  • Attends weekly Story Idea Meeting (Thursday 5-6)

COLUMNIST – $35 per column

  • Writes biweekly column (with exceptions) that is one’s personal viewpoint backed up with facts and research
  • Writes column between 550-700 words in length 
  • Attends weekly Story Idea Meeting (Thursday 5-6)

PHOTOGRAPHERS & ILLUSTRATORS – $16-32 per piece depending on complexity

  • Expected to create multiple pieces per issue, depending on demand
  • Works with writers and section editors to create appropriate accompaniments for articles
  • Creates illustrative artwork or takes photographs that complement a story
  • Attends weekly Story Idea Meeting (Thursday 5-6)

COPY EDITORS – $65 per issue

  • Proofreads and edits stories online according to Trinitonian production schedule
  • Responsible for knowing and employing Associated Press (AP) and Trinitonian style
  • Works directly with section editors and in cooperation with other copy editors.
  • Notifies section editors of problems and suggestions as soon as they arise
  • Is in the newsroom on Wednesday nights

WEBMASTER – $70 per issue

  • Publishes all content online to the website weekly
  • Publishes all digital advertisements to the website and newsletter
  • Drafts and schedules newsletter to send each Friday morning


  • Manages all content posted to Trinitonian social media platforms
  • Posts regular story promotions to social media twice a week
  • Publicize weekly print issues on Fridays using social media platforms
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