Fern finds a new home

Fern finds a new home

Beloved Trinicat removed from campus due to instances of hostility
Mikayla Mullin, Pulse Reporter September 16, 2021

For many Trinity students, we know the cats around campus as a way to comfort ourselves when we miss our own pets. However, some of the cats appreciate being petted more than others. Fern, in particular,...

Q: What classes are you teaching this semester?
A: This semester I’ve got three, [which is] not unusual for a visiting professor… Afterlives of Antiquity, a course on traditions of poetic image and filmic images of the afterlife and the underworld; FYE HUMA with my peer tutor Audrey Newman, and, in kind of an innovation for the department, intermediate and advanced Greek together... which is especially exciting because the topic [Biblical Greek] was chosen by student initiative.

TU Cribs: These office hours come with homemade cookies

Mackenzie Cook, Pulse Editor September 9, 2021

Have fears of the unknown ever kept you from attending office hours? Are you nosy about the interests of your professors, but you can’t quite find a proper reason to sign up for a meeting with them?...

Senior Diana Long works to examine inequities in K-12 education

Senior Diana Long works to examine inequities in K-12 education

From undergraduate research to her senior thesis, Long refuses to shy away from the 'second pandemic' facing San Antonio
Kayla Padilla, Editor-in-Chief May 1, 2021

Across the nation, the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the segregation of resources in K-12 education. Though many have written and reported on these inequities, Diana Long, senior, has long been aware...

Five Stumberg finalists to compete for $25,000 grand prize in fall

Five Stumberg finalists to compete for $25,000 grand prize in fall

The five teams were selected after a seed round competition
Kayla Padilla, Editor-in-Chief April 29, 2021

The seed round of the Stumberg New Venture Competition, a chance for 10 student teams to win funding for their startup, was held virtually last Monday. Five teams received $5,000 investments and advanced...

Fire alarms in Prassel spark frustrations

Fire alarms in Prassel spark frustrations

Facilities services working to address student concerns
Emma Utzinger, Pulse Reporter April 28, 2021

All residence halls are required to have a fire drill every semester; however, in Prassel hall, the fire alarms have gone off three additional times. Though these were unrelated instances, these alarms...

Business majors given alternative to study abroad

Business majors given alternative to study abroad

Credit options include foreign language and international classes
Mikayla Mullin, Pulse Reporter April 25, 2021

In the past, business majors have had the choice between meeting one of two requirements to graduate: they could study abroad or complete a modern foreign language course up to 2302 or its equivalent. However,...

Interviewing to be an RA, what's it like?

Interviewing to be an RA, what’s it like?

Current residential assistants share their past interview experiences
Mikayla Mullin, Pulse Reporter April 21, 2021

To be one of the few chosen to be a Resident Assistant (RA) on Trinity’s campus, students have to go through an interview process. Rachel Boaz Toppel, Assistant Director for Residential Education, is...

Student Involvement takes 'Milk and cookies' to Instagram

Student Involvement takes ‘Milk and cookies’ to Instagram

A new host is invited every month to share a cookie, nacho recipe
Isabel Chavez, Pulse Reporter April 18, 2021

The mid-afternoon walks to Coates Student Center for a cold glass of milk and cookies on Thursdays, or the plethora of nacho toppings and agua fresca on Wednesdays, have moved to Instagram. As with many...

TigerTv is remote this semester so here are pictures of students personal set up

Talking to TigerTV: Filming from home

From news to the "Not So Late Show," TigerTV has no shortage of new content every week
Emily Jamieson, Pulse Reporter April 14, 2021

TigerTV is a campus organization that allows students to produce and star in various segments, including news and comedy. Throughout the pandemic, there have been various changes to roles and responsibilities,...

Photo from Trinitonian archives

Tigerthon breaks fundraising record by raising over $25,000

From tattoos to TikTok dances, Tigerthon pulled out all the stops to raise money for kids
Mikayla Mullin, Pulse Reporter April 11, 2021

Around campus, people have been dyeing their hair, doing TikTok dances, and pieing professors’ faces; all to raise money for a Trinity organization called TigerThon. So you may be wondering, what is...

Tour guides and 'Virtual RA's' adapt to changing campus

Tour guides and ‘Virtual RA’s’ adapt to changing campus

Prospective students given the option to attend virtual tours
Emily Jamieson, Pulse Reporter April 7, 2021

For over a year now, the pandemic has continued to impact Trinity’s campus and activities. Most notably, campus fixtures such as tour guiding and residential life have seen unprecedented changes to their...

Mirage yearbook sent to presses

Mirage yearbook sent to presses

Editors, staff overcome challenges while documenting school year
Mikayla Mullin, Pulse Reporter March 28, 2021

It’s been a historic year under COVID-19, which means that the Mirage, Trinity’s yearbook, had the opportunity to make a historic yearbook. Now that the 2020-2021 Mirage has gone to the presses, how...

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