A first-year, a prom and a doll’s house walk onto a stage

A first-year, a prom and a doll’s house walk onto a stage

From family drama to college humor, Trinity theatre has some variety in store
Lottie Correia, Arts Reporter August 31, 2023

This fall, the Trinity theatre department has a season of dark and humorous entertainment awaiting the Trinity community. Lucas Hnath’s “A Doll’s House, Part 2” and Bob Martin and Chad Beguelin’s...

First Years Putting on Theatre (FYPOT) during rehearsal.

FYPOT and the first-year experience

How First-Years Putting On Theater can help prepare first-years for life at Trinity
Madison Haxton, Arts and Entertainment Reporter September 15, 2022

This fall, first-years in First-Years Putting on Theater (FYPOT) are bringing chaos, comedy and fresh perspectives to the theater audience at Trinity. FYPOT showcases Trinity University’s eccentric side...

TUPS’ First Years Putting on Theatre prepares for a virtual shows

Savannah Wahlgren September 16, 2020
TUPS hopes FYPOT helps to replicate sense of community amidst remote learning and social distancing.

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