COVID and housing

Trinity alumni respond to reinstated residency requirement

The alumni express concern over the reinstatement
Isabel Chavez, Pulse Reporter March 17, 2021

“Ghost town” has been a popular description for campus life this year due to the lack of in-person events and significantly fewer people wandering around campus. While it’s been a great perk for...

Photo credit: Kate Nuelle

News brief: 10/30

Dana Nichols October 29, 2020

graphic by Kate Nuelle.University sees a spike in casesTwo weeks following students' first and only three-day weekend, Trinity is seeing an increase in COVID-19 cases, peaking at 12 reported cases and...

Housing Guide

Editorial Board June 30, 2020

As part of addressing the threat of COVID-19, Trinity University is releasing more students than ever to live off campus during the spring semester. Right now, students are seeking apartments and houses...

How did Trinity decide who stayed on campus for the rest of the semester?

How did Trinity decide who stayed on campus for the rest of the semester?

Kathleen Creedon March 19, 2020

Photo by Kathleen CreedonThis article is a part of the Trinitonian’s coverage of Trinity University’s response to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Click here to read the rest of our coverage.On...

Students deserve to choose where they live

Jessica Jennings February 27, 2020

Co-written by Jessica Jennings and Ryann WilliamsIllustration by Gabrielle RodriguezTrinity boasts that its three-year residency requirement is because of a university effort to foster community. A student...

Photo credit: Ren Rader

DIY HGTV: Tips to channel your inner interior designer

Alejandra Gerlach February 27, 2020

Illustration by Ren RaderDecorating your dorm can be hard, even if you regularly watch HGTV. As college students, our interior design is restricted by time and energy, small dorm spaces and a smaller budget....

A students guide to taking care of your houseplants

A student’s guide to taking care of your houseplants

Dana Nichols February 27, 2020

Photo provided by Dana NicholsEven with “dorms like palaces,” living in a dorm for three years can be suffocating. In a time of our lives when we are juggling feelings of homesickness, pressure...

In your dorm — and your life — less is more

In your dorm — and your life — less is more

Kayla Padilla February 27, 2020

Photo provided by Kayla PadillaMinimalism has piqued the interest of many who feel overwhelmed by their possessions. In fact, the average American has 300,000 items in their household, a number startling...

Photo credit: Genevieve Humphreys

35 students on waitlist for sophomore housing

Jolie Francis April 3, 2019

Photo by Genevieve HumphreysIn response to the large size of this first-year class, the Office of Residential Life opened up rooms outside of Bruce Thomas Hall and Dick and Peggy Prassel Hall, the usual...

Home is where the brick is

Home is where the brick is

Editorial Board February 28, 2019

This week at the Trinitonian, it's our housing issue. You might wonder why we would sacrifice a few pages of our precious editorial space to talk about ... buildings. The reason why we want to talk about...

Photo credit: Genevieve Humphreys

Then and now: Accessible housing

Gabriella Garriga February 28, 2019

Illustration by Genevieve HumphreysAs conversations around choosing a residence hall, roommates and suitemates approach, students may find their options limited. Senior Catherine Terrace has a mobility...

Three-year residency requirement isnt all bad

Three-year residency requirement isn’t all bad

Jordan Bruce February 27, 2019

I’ll say it outright: I think Trinity’s three-year on-campus residency requirement is a good thing. Many people may disagree, but I genuinely believe that having a campus community built around students...

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