Top five sports to watch: top choice has international sex appeal

5. Football

Screaming at the television or at the players is a great way to bond with your friends. Something exciting never ceases to happen in a football game, i.e. fights, big hits, touchdowns, etc. I don’t know wwhy but it is just so entertaining to see people get flattened like pancakes.

Pros: Food served during the Super Bowl: I love me some cheese, crackers and B-B-Q. Also, football is a great excuse and socially acceptable reason to drink.

Cons: The Dallas Cowboys are in the league. Football means soccer in every other place other than America, which is confusing/

4. Baseball

You don’t actually have to pay full attention to the game. It’s a sport where one can multitask because things move so slowly. The sport is also very easy to understand; little intelligence level is needed to understand how the sport works.

Pros: Tight pants. Peanuts are good too.

Cons: I repeat: its very slow moving and the players don’t have to exert much physical exercise.

3. Lacrosse

I never realized how interesting it was till I actually started playing it. The Native Americans invented it so its considered America’s oldest sport.

Pros: Men’s Lacrosse can acutally beat the oppoents with their sticks, how awesome is that?

Cons: It has a lot of rules so hard to follow as a fan. It hasn’t really reached the south yet so many people aren’t fans.

2. Snowboarding

It’s  freaking awesome! Not many people can do what snowboarders can accomplish; it takes a lot of practice and hard work. Defying the laws of gravity is no big deal for them. How badass can you be going down a MOUNTAIN at 20-40 mph, the risk of injury is beyond ridiculous.

Pros:  You immediately have an enemy to hate on, skiers.

Cons:  Doesn’t come on TV a lot, basically just the Olympics. If you live in a Southern state it’s harder to appreciate not being able to see it up close and personal.

1. Soccer

I think this is for obvious reasons. It’s the world’s most popular sport, literally played everywhere. What better way is there to bond internationally? The game can change in a matter of seconds, one must be paying attention constantly.

Pros: The men. Need I say more? They are the most in shape, beautifully chiseled men in sports, i.e. David Beckham for starters.

Cons: The fans are crazy, like get-so-into-it-they-trample-people crazy.  people crazy.