Northrup houses flag display

The wind tunnel under Northrup Hall received a new addition this summer.
A display case now stands there due to the work of the Trinity Staff Engagement Committee (TSEC), which gives staff a greater voice on campus. The small case provides the Trinity community with flag knowledge, and, whenever the flag is at half-staff, the reason behind that decision.

Melissa Flowers, assistant director for residential education, serves as the chief operator of the case and said the idea came about through Mr. Gary Tanner, who has served as Trinity’s internal auditor for 13 years and is also a veteran.

According to Flowers, the need for a display case arose when Tanner pointed out confusion regarding why exactly the flag was flying at half-staff.

“The flag is lowered mainly for national holidays,” Flowers said. “It is also lowered for national, state, some local and/or campus tragedies.”

Most recently, the display case paid respect to the victims of the shooting at a Sikh temple in a suburb outside of Milwaukee. Flowers said people affected by the Aurora, Colo. mass shooting were given tribute as well.

The decision on what to showcase in the display rests with the Office of the President, which often receives a notification from the City of San Antonio about such observances.

Although small in size, Flowers hopes the display case serves as a communication tool.

“The case is in no way any kind of propaganda,” Flowers said when asked if she anticipated any controversy over what gets placed in the case.

The display case, which contains the flagpole message board, was constructed at Trinity and will act as an awareness facilitator to those previously uncertain about the flag’s status. It proudly stands sentinel to both the United States and its citizens who have gone too soon.