Administration welcomes two new trustees, vice presidents

The Trinity Board of Trustees and the Trinity University faculty both embrace two new members this fall. Gary Logan and Lisa Baronio bolster the ranks of the Trinity administration as vice presidents, while Ted Beneski and Walter F. Brown Jr. join the Board of Trustees.

Logan becomes the vice president for finance and administration, leaving a sixteen-year career at Southwestern University. Formerly the associate vice president of finance at Southwestern, Logan will serve a similar role at Trinity as the campus’ latest chief financial officer.

In a news release on May 18, University President Dennis Ahlburg addressed Logan’s credibility and the knowledge he brings to Trinity.

“Gary Logan is very experienced, knows Trinity and Texas very well and is the right person to lead our finance group through a turbulent time in higher education,” Ahlburg said.

Also familiar with higher education in Texas is Lisa Baronio, who will serve as Trinity’s vice president for alumni relations and development.

Baronio’s most recent work history has included time at the University of North Texas and the University of Connecticut. Baronio will be charged with providing leadership to campus fundraising, will spearhead major giving programs and will coordinate alumni relations programs.

Baronio’s arrival was well anticipated by campus faculty.

Christine Burnett, the young alumni and student programs coordinator at Trinity, reflects on what Baronio’s addition means for fundraising.

“A new vice president means a new vision that will help educate students and alumni about what it means to give back and the importance of being an active alumnus,” said Burnett, who is also a co-sponsor of the Trinity University Student Ambassadors.

While the vice presidents are appointed by the university, members of the Board of Trustees are elected within the board, which consists of 36 individuals.

According to Section 10 of the charter, first established in August 1870, “Trustees are elected for terms of three years, and shall be subject to re-election.”

New trustee Ted Beneski has a personal connection with the university, as two of his children have chosen Trinity as their collegiate home. One of his sons, Jeff, graduated in 2011 and the other, David, is currently a junior.

Prior to becoming CEO of Dallas-based Insight Equity Holdings LLC, Beneski was a cofounder and managing director of Bain & Company’s Dallas office. Beneski graduated from Amherst College in Massachusetts before pursuing an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Another Texan, Walter F. Brown Jr., is the vice president of San Antonio-based Delray Oil, Inc. and the W.F. Brown Exploration, Ltd. out of Canada. Brown follows in the footsteps of his father, who began serving on the Board of Trustees in 1980.

Brown sought membership with the board after witnessing his father’s success in the organization.

The vision statement adopted by the Board of Trustees in February 2002,  states the following: “”¦Trinity University must build aggressively on its considerable accomplishments so that it is, and is perceived to be, the qualitative peer of the best of our nation’s smaller private colleges and universities”¦”

The selection of the new trustees is largely reflective of this statement, with the best interest of the university at the forefront of all decisions.

The same can be said, in a similar fashion, of the latest vice presidents. A deep affection for Trinity combined with a wealth of experience brings exciting prospects to the semester.