Club sports gear up for season

Photo courtesy of Brookes Lyford.

Photo courtesy of Brookes Lyford.

Photo courtesy of Brookes Lyford.

Everybody grab your rackets (or rent one from the Bell Center), because the Trinity club sports season is gearing up. Club sports teams provide a fun way in which students can participate in sports they played in high school but in a less competitive environment.

“The club tennis team is for people who wouldn’t play or don’t want to play on the varsity team at Trinity,” said tennis captain Clay Reuter. “It’s for  people who have played tennis in the past but don’t want to stop playing even though they aren’t playing for their high schools or home cities anymore.”

Aside from men’s and women’s tennis, the club sports offered include men’s and women’s volleyball, frisbee, men’s and women’s lacrosse and equestrian. Prior experience is not needed.

“Everyone’s welcome, all skill levels,” Reuter said. “We have people who have never played before and people who have played on the varsity team at Trinity.”

Most of the teams begin practices this week or next. Although it varies, practices are held on average two days a week for about two hours.

Tournaments begin later in the semester and go throughout the school year. Many players cite this as their favorite aspect of being on a club team, since they get to travel around Texas with their friends and compete against other teams.

“You get to meet not only people from Trinity, but when we travel and compete there are large stadiums of young men and women who have the same desires and passions as you,” said equestrian captain Diana Harris. “As long as you speak the same language and both love horses, you have days of things to talk about.”

Player dues range depending on the team. On the tennis team, for example, dues are as low as $20 and include rackets, balls and a T-shirt.

Students manage all aspects of the club teams, from overseeing the team budget to running practices and tournaments.

“I started the men’s volleyball club as a freshman with a friend of mine, and we’re both seniors now, so it’s been fun to see the club develop in front of our eyes,” said men’s club volleyball captain Tim Conner. “I think it’s a testament to the club sports that they truly are student run.”

Getting involved is easy. If you’ve missed the flyers around campus or at the Student Involvement Fair, email the captains or show up to practice and get your name added to the roster. Women’s volleyball captains are Sara Miller and Kelsey Oelze, men’s lacrosse captain is Steven Mickey, ultimate frisbee captain is Connor Stevenson and women’s lacrosse captains are Elif Yucel and Amanda Hassel.

“I just like the team aspect, the team camaraderie, because for me that’s one of the things I miss from being on the high school team,” Conner said. “You have people around you who are committed to the same thing.”