Murchison lounge floods following heavy rains

Murchison Lounge was recently the victim of flooding, thanks in part to one of several recent downpours.The flooding was the result of erosion of the hillside above Murchison.

Trinity University Facilities Services recently began efforts to fix this issue.

Mike Schweitzer, assistant director of Facilities Services, explained the situation via email correspondence.

“[The construction] is work being performed to attempt to provide erosion control for rainfall that is eroding the slope in question,” Schweitzer said.

The erosion control work is not the only construction.

“In addition, surrounding areas are being renovated with new landscape installations to create a more inviting location for student interaction,” Schweitzer said.

The construction work has upset some students, however, as reports from irked residents indicated that the construction work began at 7 a.m., an early hour for most. Regardless, the construction should prevent future floods in Murchison, and no further early morning construction efforts are expected.