Pasta line transforms while Aramark introduces mobile app

This semester, Aramark introduced two changes to the way students visit Mabee: an Aramark mobile application and the transformation of the popular pasta line.

The mobile application, named CampusDish, allows Trinity students a more elaborate glimpse of the cuisine at Mabee.

Linda Kieu, Aramark’s marketing specialist at Trinity,  explains the application’s creation.

“The CampusDish mobile app really was designed in response to two major concerns that students had, the first one being the availability of nutritional information and the second one being an opportunity to view daily menus before entering the dining halls.”

The application, available now for both Apple and Android mobile products, addresses these exact issues. Namely, it provides a full menu of Mabee’s selections for the day, as well as precise nutritional information for each item on the menu.

In regards to Mabee’s pasta line, Aramark has not eliminated it so much as they have altered it.

“The pasta line is far from gone,” said Matthew Bars, Aramark’s food service director. “What we did was change the design of it a little bit. There were three major areas that we looked at: ingredient quality, speed of service and limiting consumer waste.”

According to Bars, the pasta line of previous years utilized static ingredients, generated long lines and caused a substantial amount of consumer waste.

The new system makes good use of a set of standardized recipes and allows for finer ingredients to create dishes of a higher quality. The statistical response to this has been largely positive, with a marked rise in acceptability and a considerable decrease in consumer waste.

However, those at Aramark stressed the importance of communication with students. Students with complaints or suggestions are encouraged to contact Aramark at 210-999-8415.