Don’t be a jerk

If you read my column two weeks ago, this column might sound vaguely similar, except instead of a rant, this is more of a public statement/plead.  A plead with people involved in athletics at Trinity to actually answer us sport reporters. In case just being a nice person wasn’t enough, here are some more reasons for you.

1) As a sports reporter, it is our job to report over the athletic events at Trinity. We  get paid to do this, as in, we HAVE to do it. Generally speaking, we dont call/email/text you just to have a nice little chat about a game. We do it so we can write the story, get it in on time and help produce a newspaper. So just as people support you doing your job whether that be coaching or playing sports, support us in doing our job.

2) You aren’t too good or important to talk to us. You may have scored the winning touchdown or hold some kind of record for coaching, but that doesn’t mean you are higher than the reporter trying to talk to you. Your status is not better than our status. Please come off your supposed pedestal  and have a nice converstaion with us as equals.

3) You aren’t too busy. This is the most common excuse to not talk to us. We  are at Trinity, everyone is busy, therefore its not a good excuse. As reporters, we take just as many classes as you do and while you spend hours at practice, we spend hours working for the newspaper “” some of our reporters being athletes themselves “” so guess what? You have five minutes to spare. It seriously only takes five minutes.

4) It benefits you. We all know Trinity is lacking in school spirit. The newspaper promotes your sport. It tells students when the upcoming games are and gives them reasons to go watch those games. You’re welcome.

5) You should want to be a nice human being. Ignorning someone is actually quite rude. Ignorning someone for the three reasons listed above is even more rude. Yeah, maybe you have an excuse, and that’s perfectly fine, but at least email us back instead of blantelty ignorning us. Saying you didnt check your email or your phone is a lie, because everyone checks those things all the time.

Now, this only applies to select people. A good majority of athletes and coaches respond dilegently and that is much appreciated. You make our lives much easier when you respond.

In responding to us, here are some added tips. 1) Respond ASAP; our stories are due on Monday and it doesn’t help us when you respond on Thursday. 2) Talk a lot. Don’t give us a five word response. 3) The more helpful you are, the better our stories turn out.  Help us, help you.