Trinity on top, yet again

I was searching the SCAC website for exciting news. No, I don’t do this for casual fun. But the first thing that pops up on the page is an advertisement to shop in their new online store to get the “latest SCAC gear.”

Now as exciting as getting the latest gear sounds, that’s not why I’m talking about this. I’m talking about it because the “latest SCAC championship gear” is almost all Trinity gear.  Out of the six fall sports, Trinity won five of the conference championships, and the sixth sport came in second place.  They might as well have advertised “buy the latest Trinity gear.”

This is relevant to you because it means we are awesome. We “” as in, the university “” are awesome.  Our athletics are kicking everyone’s ass.

Here are some statistics to back my statement up about our fall sports (All of our sports are awesome, but, for the purpose of this column, I’m just going to mention our fall athletics). Trinity joined the Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference in 1991, and we’ve been dominating ever since. Women’s soccer, men’s soccer, football and volleyball have each won 15 out of the 22 conference championships Trinity has been a part of.  That is a crazy statistic. No other school comes close to that.

We’ve played against tough teams every year in conference and come out on top the majority of the time. This proves that even though we are a Division III school that is mostly known for its academic quality, we are also known for our athletic power.

The reason I am bragging on our fall athletics is to get you excited. Six out of our six fall sports are participating in NCAA playoffs this weekend.  This should be an accomplishment everyone is proud of. A tremendous amount of work has gone into getting Trinity athletics at the level it is  now. Therefore, they deserve our utmost respect and to be cheered on. Even if the playoffs aren’t here, show them your support. Make a sign, buy the latest we are the champions gear, bake some goods or even paint your body if you are feeling crazy.