Plans for student activity period continue for spring

Earlier this week, a special committee met to begin working out the kinks of the student activity block.

“We have only had one meeting and we just went over basics like the purpose of the committee, goals, etc,” said Sal Perdomo, a senior and member of the special committee. “Not everyone knew each other, so the first meeting was a good way to put names to faces.”

The University Curriculum Council decided to create the special committee for the student activity block at their last meeting of the fall semester the committee consists of a mixture of students, professors, and faculty.

“One of our biggest problems was that a portion of the campus was not being represented by our proposal,” Perdomo said. “We want the greatest amount of people to be in favor of our proposal as possible. That is why our committee is so diverse, so that all voices across campus can be heard.”

According to Eugenio Suarez, associate professor of business administration and member of the University Curriculum Council, one of the main problems with the student activity block was deciding which activities could be included in the block.

“It seemed at first to be a sort of thing where organizations tried to jump on to the time block,” Suarez said. “The committee should be able to decide which organizations should and should not be allowed to use the student activity block in an objective manner.”

The next meeting of the special committee is scheduled for Friday,  Feb. 1.

“I am extremely confident that this time block will be a success,” Perdomo said. “We learned a great deal last semester and are looking to improve the proposal. While there is always opposition for changes like this, we want this to succeed and accommodate as much of the campus as possible.”