Downtown art festival offers alternative spring break activity

Common thought among Trinity students is that, San Antonio sucks because there is never anything going on “” to which I respond with a fake but Oscar-worthy sneeze and quip that I am allergic to the feces of bulls. I know that I am a child. But it is frustrating when I hear statements like this ad nauseum because you cannot denounce the quality and entertainment value of a city if you are too lazy to actually exert the required energy needed to explore. San Antonio has a plethora of fun and exciting events; you just need to leave the Trinity “bubble.”

My featured example in this instance is Luminaria. This is the event to attend if you are not leaving San Antonio over spring break. It is a five-year-old art festival that takes place in downtown San Antonio. This huge gathering incorporates numerous artistic disciplines, encompassing everything from visual media to music in both indoor and outdoor venues. According to its website, the objective of the event is “to re-imagine downtown San Antonio as a canvas for enlightened, innovative, edgy, surprising, and interactive contemporary artwork from all artistic disciplines.”

Trinity’s very own Katy Silva, a senior art major and art history minor who hails from Claremont, Calif., will be participating this year as a fringe artist. According to Silva, fringe artists are not located in the festivities’ main location in HemisFair Park, and they have a smaller budget.  For the festival, Silva created an eight-by-eight three-dimensional installation piece that will consist of topographic paper covered in sand with pegs attached to it. On the pegs will be paintings of new, creative species that are hybrids of real Texas plants and animals. Her inspiration derives from her move to Texas, and her aim is to reflect the beauty of nature in the Lone Star State. She got involved in Luminaria after learning about it from her boss in the gallery where she is employed and has been working on this piece since winter break, when she learned about her acceptance into the program. Silva encourages students to attend.

“It’s an all-night free event. And it’s important for San Antonio, showcasing all the arts,” Silva said. “[There will be] something for everyone.”

To reference Bruce Springsteen’s song (and the more popular cover done by Manfred Mann’s Earth Band), do not be “blinded by the light.” Heed the talented Silva’s advice and go. Sorry for the pun; this topic should not be taken lightly “” this is an extraordinary cultural event that will let you discover a new side of San Antonio and support a fellow Trinity tiger. It will be illuminating.

Luminaria will take place from 7 p.m. to midnight  Sunday, March 9, in HemisFair Park. Silva’s piece will be on display at 231 E. Houston St. The entire event is free to the public.