Staff Editorial: 58 days and counting…


“The Aftermath” by Sarah Fulton

"The Aftermath" by Sarah Fulton
“The Aftermath” by Sarah Fulton

If you’re a senior, the date March 18 means something to you, or at least it should, and if you’re another member of the community that falls somewhere in between staff, faculty, administrator and the three other classes, you might have noticed a substantial change in those older students Monday.

That’s because March 18 marked two months “˜till the 2013 Spring Commencement (also known as G-Day to those of us who fear the possible impending doom that is post-grad life).

As the final spring break for the Class of 2013 came to a close (check out Page 9 for Gabby Shayeb’s take on the last holiday), and the commencement speaker was announced (see the front page), reality set in. Some of us are still trying to live in denial (though you do have to pick up your commencement tickets eventually), but it’s getting harder and harder with each day.

As the seniors on the Trinitonian staff, we feel we speak for our class when we say there are definitely mixed feelings and emotions surrounding this passage of time. Sure, we’re excited at the prospect of no longer having homework, tests or papers due and the idea of actually making money instead of just spending it also sounds nice. But, like with every major life change, there’s the understanding that there are certain things you’ll never get to experience again, like eating at Mabee, walking to class up Cardiac Hill and past Miller Fountain, hanging out with friends in your dorm room and studying in the library.

At the beginning of the year, we did a special section called the Trinity Bucket List (which can still be found online under “Special Sections”) and it seemed as though checking everything off would be easy, because there was so much time. But staying true to our college kid persona, most of us have probably procrastinated and we’re now trying to cram four years into 58 days. We encourage everyone to look back at your goals from the beginning of the semester, whether it be making the Dean’s List or going to class still drunk from the night before, and do what you haven’t done now.

But also, don’t be afraid if you don’t get to everything (you can always take a victory lap), and if it really does become too much, read Paul Cuclis’ column this week (Page 15), take a risk and distract yourself. Finally, remember that there are so many exciting opportunities yet to come.

This week’s story involving Richard Reed’s newfound love of beekeeping and gardening (Page 11) reminded us that your life can change as you grow, and it doesn’t end here.

Your friendships don’t end here. Learning doesn’t end here. Your involvement with Trinity doesn’t end here (they’re always going to want our money). And while there’s a healthy balance (you don’t want to be “that” person), understanding that you can still be involved might make the transition easier.

Reflection will also make it easier, so don’t be afraid to cry. Don’t be afraid to be sad or happy or vomit uncontrollably.  And then after you’ve picked yourself up from the depths of despair or come down from your cloud of euphoria, consider writing a senior column for the Trinitonian, due April 29, to [email protected]


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